Cards make top 3 for Alabama athlete

Quinton Pierce, from Davidson High School in Mobile, (Ala.), is starting to receive a lot of attention from college coaches throughout the Southeast. The talented prospect talks about his recent spring game, favorites and more...

"I still do not have any offer," Quinton Pierce said. "I think a couple of schools are real close. There are a few more looking at me also--Louisville, Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Clemson."

"Louisville, Clemson and Vanderbilt just started recruiting me. Right now Louisville is recruiting me the hardest."

"I would really like to go to Alabama or Auburn or maybe Louisville. Those are my top three."

Several top coaches were gracing the sidelines during practices this spring, and Pierce singled out a few.

"I have seen Vanderbilt, Clemson and Auburn. They all said they were real impressed by what they seen," he said.

Davidson were on the losing end of the spring game against Daphne last week with Pierce as the starting quarterback for the Warriors.

"I thought I did well. Alabama was there. After the game they texted me, and said they were impressed by what they seen. They told me they would get back in touch with me later this week because they have my highlight tape," Pierce said.

"I played quarterback, and I am not sure what my numbers were. I scored a touchdown though."

Pierce singled out a couple of teammates as having good performances including an Alabama commitment.

"Jermaine [Preyear] played real good. Our wingback, Jesse Wright, is real good also," he said.

The Davidson players were not the only stars on the field as the Trojans had several top prospects playing also. One caught the attention of all in attendance.

"Reggie Hunt stood out," Pierce said as he started to chuckle. "He is real good." source for Alabama high school football.

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