Angel Garcia talks Louisville visit

Angel Garcia left Louisville Tuesday afternoon after spending five days visiting Rick Pitino's Cardinals. Now, he's headed to visit Memphis. Did Louisville improve their chances with Garcia? Is Indiana still in the lead? Garcia spoke with about his visit.

Tuesday afternoon, I was heading out to California for vacation and trying to navigate my way through security at Louisville International Airport when I turned around and saw an athletic looking 6-foot-10 kid.

Almost immediately I recognized the young man – it was Angel Garica, one of the Top 20 high school basketball prospects in the Class of 2008.

Garcia arrived in Louisville last Friday for an unofficial visit with Rick Pitino's Cardinals and decided to spend a few extra days in the ‘Ville before heading south to Memphis for an unofficial visit with John Calipari's Tigers.

So with some time to kill and a top-ranked basketball prospect right behind me in the security check-point line, I got out the pen and notebook and asked Garcia his thoughts about his just completed visit to Louisville.

"I wasn't supposed to stay in Louisville that long, but I was on vacation and decided to stay a couple more days," he said. "I really liked the visit. I liked Coach Pitino and the players. I liked where they live - Minardi Hall was real nice."

Garcia definitely got a taste of Louisville. Not only did he get a better feel for Pitino, he also got better acquainted with the Louisville players – guys who could be future teammates if he chooses the Cardinals in the future.

"I hung around with the players a lot, especially Derrick Caracter and Edgar Sosa," Garcia said. "They were all pretty good guys. I got to play (pick-up) with them a little bit while I was on my visit. We went to the baseball game Saturday and it really surprised me that the fans recognized who I was and came up asking for pictures and autographs. It surprised me - it was like being at IU."

Before his visit, Eric Cole, Garcia's AAU coach, said that Indiana held the lead over Louisville, Memphis and Florida. Even though Garcia enjoyed his visit to Louisville, the Hoosiers still appear the team to beat for Garcia

"IU is still in the lead, but after the visit I will have a lot of things to think about," said Garcia.

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