NBAPA Camp Q&A: Kenny Boynton

As the recruiting process has trended towards earlier and earlier commitments, it's become essential for programs to target their top prospects very early in their high school career. One of the top players on the board in the class of 2009 is Florida five star scoring guard Kenny Boynton. While attending the NBAPA Camp, the 6'3 high major sat down with TDD.

TDD: How are you settling in with everything here?

Kenny Boynton: Things are going OK I think. I'm getting settled in, getting used to my teammates, and just all the stuff they have us doing. I really like camp so far, there's a lot of positive things happening here.

Being a native Floridian and being recruited by Florida, what were your opinions on the Billy Donnovan situation?

Yeah, that was definitely a strange situation, because the week before it came out that he was going to Orlando, he was actually at my school visiting me and we had talked. While it was happening, I didn't know what was gonna happen, but then I knew once he accepted the job that he was coming back because we spoke again during that time.

The media has said such actions could casue some trust issues with him with future recruits. What are your feelings on that?

It's not really an issue for me, from talking to him, I know his heart is in Gainesville. It didn't cause me to lose trust in him or anything like that.

Speaking of recruiting, what's the latest with that on your end?

Well, right now Louisville is involved, Villanova, Florida, Duke and many other schools.

Being that it's been a dead period for awhile now and coaches haven't been allowed to see you at tournaments, which schools are really standing out in regards to their communication with you?

Well, Duke has been really heavily involved. They've been calling my dad on a daily basis - establishing a relationship, which I really appreciate. I've had several voicemails from Coach K and I'm going to be talking to him again soon. Louisville has also been standing out, sending a lot of mail, staying in contact. Villanova's there too.

Your game appears to have a little bit of flair to it. Who do you pattern yourself after?

I really like how Allen Iverson plays in some ways. Being a smaller guard, I try to use my ball skills and speed to make things happen out there on the court. I'm working a lot on my shot right now, I've got this hitch in it that I just don't like. Aside from that, I don't want to be one of those players who keeps the ball the whole time, I want to make my teammates better with those skills that I have.

You seem to play a similar style in some ways to fellow 2008 guard Tyreke Evans. It's been reported that you are both seriously considering Louisville for your college choice, can you comment on that?

Yeah, he's more of a true two guard than I am, I've got some elements of the point guard in me while still being able to score. I know that's he's considering Louisville, but that won't impact my decision, I'm gonna make my own choice on where I want to go.

A lot of the schools you mentioned are known for the freedom they allow their guards. Is that an important part of your decision?

Yeah, but I still want some structure in some ways, I don't want to play a playground style. I want to play for a team that will let my use my abilities in a variety of ways, simply because I can do a lot of different things out there on the court.

You mentioned the efforts Duke was going to in establishing a relationship with you and your family. Is that approach working for them?

Oh yeah, I really appreciate how they are trying to develop a good relationship with all of us, my dad is a very important person in my life and I really feel like Duke respects that and respects me when they do that.

Duke got in a bit later than some of the other schools on your list. Does that hurt them in regards to the other schools?

They are right up there. I've seen Duke play, they like to have different styles of guards in their program and generally their guards are very successful, no matter what kind of game they have. Just because they came in late does not mean that they don't have an equal shot like the other schools do.

Being a 2009 player, is the approach going to be a wait and see situation with you?

I am going to take my time. My big thing is developing a relationship with the programs that I am going to seriously consider, so for now I'm just gonna take my time, get to know the coaches and see where things go.

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