Jurich talks football scheduling

Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich spoke with the media Thursday in Simpsonville at the annual Governor's Cup outing. Are football series with Notre Dame and Michigan possible?

Jurich on a possible series with Notre Dame: "We've had plenty of discussions with them. They know we want to play and that's about all we can do. We've tried to work some things out and it's still on the docket, but when it's going to be played I can't tell you that. Scheduling has been tough. It's the toughest part of the job. It's probably a little bit of a dream, but it's something they want to do and we want to do it. But they've got so many commitments for so many it's unbelievable. We'd love to play them, but we'd love to play anybody."

Is a Michigan series in football possible?: "Kenny gave me the article today and I saw it. We put in a call earlier this morning, so we'll see. But I'm sure his (Michigan AD Bill Martin) phone line's pretty full too."

Jurich on moving the UL-UK game back on the schedule this season: "The third game, we'll play it the third week. The seventh, eighth, tenth game – it's whatever they choose when we play in Lexington. When it comes back to Louisville, we're going to play it on Sunday in prime-time on national TV."

Will there be a letdown without UK first on the schedule this season? "I think from a fan standpoint that's probably true, but not from a team standpoint. I know our kids are ready to play and they are very excited about the first game of the year."

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