Czyz Cuts To Three; Takes A Break

Olek Czyz has the right idea. The Polish forward trimmed his list Wednesday night before heading to his home country for three weeks. Pretty smart idea: cut the list, dip out of the country and brace yourself for a fun September ride!

Olek Czyz, a Top 100 prospect per, has narrowed his college list to three schools: Duke, Florida and Louisville.

Czyz, a 6-foot-7 athletic power forward out of Reno (Nev.) High (alma mater of David Padgett) had a long list and was thinking of cutting it to 5 but found that he was realistically only interested in the trio.

"At first I was going to make it five but I told myself I wasn't going to the other schools for sure so I told myself I'd make it three," Czyz said. "With these three I can't go wrong. All have great head coaches and I'm very excited."

Czyz turned the spotlight on himself with a strong spring. His summer was up and down but still strong enough to have the big dogs of college basketball barking at his door once the smoke cleared from a turbulent month of July. Now, Czyz says it's time for some rest.

"Tomorrow I'm leaving to Poland for the rest of the summer. I'll be there until August 24th. When I came back I'll start school and I'll take official visits to those three schools. In late September I'll commit to one of those schools and I'll sign in November."

Czyz indicated he'll rely a lot on his gut instincts with each program. The feel he gets from the official visits will weigh heavily on his mind when it comes time to make decisions.

Czyz' final three - Louisville, Duke
and Florida. (Reno Gazette)

Each program was discussed, starting with Louisville where Padgett is a player for Rick Pitino's Cardinals.

"The main thing is of course Rick Pitino and his development," Czyz said. "I've been told by coaches that I have a lot to improve still and in a couple of years I could be a really good player. I think he could help me develop the most. It's a great league and they're losing 6 guys next year."

The Gators, two-time defending national champs, have a frontcourt need as well. "They have Billy Donovan and he's like clone of Rick Pitino. It's a great place to play. Recently they offered and they've been watching me. They're excited and they say they can make me a better player and I believe in them."

And then there's Duke. Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils have a unique connection to Czyz: they have a head coach and assistant who are Polish.

"That's a great thing also," Czyz playfully responded. "Coach K speaks for himself, who he is and what he's done. I know they've had some guys and I think in a long distance run I'd be successful with them. He's a great teacher and probably the best coach in America."

So there you have it. Take note of the conversation because for the next 3 weeks Olek will be out of the country and unable to be reached. However, when he returns it'll be full steam ahead with his recruitment and things will happen quickly.

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