Jonas Gray breaks down recruitment

Decision time for Jonas Gray, the four-star running back from Detroit, MI, is rapidly approaching. Friday morning, Gray will chose between Michigan State, Louisville, Nebraska, Florida and Michigan. What are Louisville's chances? Gray spoke with Thursday afternoon and broke down his decision-making process.

Decision time for Jonas Gray, the four-star running back from Detroit, MI, is rapidly approaching. Friday morning at 10 a.m. Gray will chose one of the five schools that remain on his list at a press conference at Country Day High School.

But there's still some work for Gray to do before he's ready to commit himself to any school.

Gray said he talked with one of the head coaches on his list last night and plans to speak with two other today. The purpose of those calls is to solidify, in his own mind, the decision he's about to make.

"I called one coach yesterday and talked with him, but I can't tell who it was," Gray told Thursday afternoon. "After lunch today, I'm going to call and speak with two other coaches. Then that will help me make my decision."

What's Gray hope to learn with these last minute phone conversations?

"I'm just asking them a few questions that I never asked them before, just general questions like where they think their program is today and where they think it's headed in the next few years," Gray said. "And I'm going to ask each some personal questions so I can get a better feel for them and get to know them a little better than I do now."

Gray talked with Louisville commit
Tino Sunseri Wednesday night.

Officially, five schools remain in contention: Louisville, Michigan State, Nebraska, Florida and Michigan. Gray said he has baseball caps from each school ready for Friday's press conference. He'll only wear one tomorrow.

Who will it be?

"At this point, everybody is pretty much tied," Gray said. "The biggest thing is getting everybody in my circle – my mom – together and getting on the same page. For me, that's the big thing."

Gray made unofficial visits to Michigan State, Nebraska and Louisville this summer. The Spartans and Cornhuskers have been rumored as the two teams to beat for the past two weeks or so. Does Louisville have a chance?

"Yes, they do," Gray said. "I love Coach Kragthorpe and coach (Tony) Alford. Coach K has a lot of knowledge about football and I really enjoyed my visit down there."

Gray also has a solid relationship with Louisville quarterback commit Tino Sunseri. Gray and Sunseri spoke on the phone Wednesday night.

"I talked to Tino (Sunseri) last night," Gray said. "He said he'd love to play together in college. He talked about all the good stuff that Louisville has to offer and that wherever I go we'll still be friends."

It's obvious Gray's mother will have a big influence on his decision. That being the case, how big of a factor is staying close to home for Gray?

"That's not a real big factor," he said. "All the schools left on my list are always on national television and I can always talk to my mom on the phone whenever I want to. So location is not a huge problem."

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