Camp Kragthorpe: Media Day Notebook

The Louisville players and coaches met the press Saturday morning to talk about the upcoming season. After Saturday's practice, the Cardinals will go behind closed doors to prepare for their season-opener on August 30. has the latest.

Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe

Kragthorpe spoke on a wide-range of topics during his Saturday morning Media Day press conference. The highlights: Kragthorpe reiterated his philosophy is to put the best 11 players on the field, including special teams. Kragthorpe said he'll use his starters on special teams.

Kragthorpe also said he liked how his team has approached practice since camp opened on Thursday. "I think their work ethic is pretty good," said Kragthorpe.

Kragthorpe Soundbite: "I don't think there's any question we want to play in the BCS championship game this year. People may say that's a bold statement, but if we don't have that type of thought process we really don't need to be out there practicing right now. But in order for that to happen there are little steps that have to take place."

Offensive Coordinator Charlie Stubbs

Stubbs said he'll call plays from the sideline this year. Offensive line coach Brent Myers and running backs coach Tony Alford will join Stubbs on the field. Passing game coordinator Jeff Brohm and tight end coach Greg Nord will add input from the field.

Stubbs said he's liked what he's seen from sophomores Jajuan Spillman and Scott Long early in camp and feels good about Louisville's deep and talented receiving corps. "Physically, we've got some very gifted guys. I'm blessed that I can get out there and keep a practice going for a long period of time without (having) much drop off. There are guys stepping up. We're going to sometimes play four wide receivers at a time, but I like Jajuan Spillman and I like Scott Long. And I've watched Josh Chichester at 6 foot 8 come up and make some tremendous plays. There's good competition and I'm just excited about that."

Stubbs Soundbite: "He's the complete package. His thought process and understanding of the whole scheme – he's just a pleasure to work with. You can make adjustments with him and he can get us out of a bad situation. I've been around some special guys like Steve Young and I look at Brian Brohm just the way he carries himself. He's a humble guy and he's a leader. And what a competitor he is. So he has all the ingredients that I'm looking for."

Defensive Coordinator Mike Cassity

Cassity sounded excited about the experience returning in the secondary. He also expressed high hopes for JUCO transfers Chaz Thompson and Woodny Turenne, who was cleared to practice yesterday. "We did lose some quality players. But as I turn around and look at Latarrius Thomas, Jon Russell, Rod Council and Bobby Buchanan – those guys have played a lot of football. We have some junior college young men, Chaz Thompson and Woodny Turenne, that I'm excited about. The quicker we can teach them the better off we'll be."

Cassity said Malik Jackson is physically much improved from last season when the 6-2, 230 senior led the team in sacks. "When you look at Malik Jackson and what he did a year ago he has had a great off-season. He's worked extremely hard. He's bigger than he's ever been. Lamar Myles has started games here. Terrence Butler has played a lot of football. Preston Smith has played a lot of football. Then you bring in a Willie Williams and he runs around and is very active. So I'm excited about that group."

Abdul Kuyateh talked with assistant Brent Myers.

Cassity Soundbite: "Every year there has been a guy graduate and then a guy really steps to the forefront. This time a year ago, Amobi Okoye was just one of the defensive linemen. As a matter of fact, the first game we looked at Adrian Grady and we graded the film and we said that's the most active guy we have.

"So as you look at that group, one or two of those guys will emerge. I think you start with Adrian Grady. He's played good football for us around here in the past. Peanut Whitehead. Last year he was a freshman. It is almost unheard of for defensive linemen to play as a true freshman. We threw him in the fire, he took his bumps and bruises and we're really excited about him."

Media Day Notes

Several hundred fans attended Fan Day Saturday morning at Papa John's Stadium. Apparently, the event was very well organized and was a huge success for autograph seekers and picture takers.

Junior college transfer Abdul Kuyateh wasn't dressed for the team picture but did arrive on the field as the players were heading into the football complex to meet with reports. Though there's been no official confirmation, word is that the 6-foot-3, 295 pound offensive lineman has been cleared to play this season. "As far as I know, I've seen a couple videos on him – he looks like a big physical guy," said center Eric Wood. "He's a real nice kid who is willing to learn. He wants to be here and that's the best thing about him."

Steve Kragthorpe said his team will focus on improving for the next two weeks before turning their attention to Murray State and the season-opener on Aug. 30.

Saturday's practice marks the last open practice that fans can attend. Louisville will go behind closed doors following practice.

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