Steve Kragthorpe breaks down scrimmage

Steve Kragthorpe put his team through an 87 play public scrimmage Saturday night at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium. Following the scrimmage, the first year Louisville coach provided his thoughts. Where was Willie Williams? Why didn't Harry Douglas and Rod Council play? Who stood out to Kragthorpe?

Kragthorpe on the scrimmage: "It was a good night. We got a few tails in the seats and saw some things that we needed to see in terms of stepping up and making plays. We got 87 snaps in – my target was 80, so that was good in terms of where we are right now in camp. I've been wanting to get some good work in. Obviously, we did some good things in terms of throwing and catching the ball, yet at the same time there's a lot of little things that we need to improve on. We committed some penalties that knocked us out of field position and stalled some drives. Overall I'm pleased with where we're at right now, but we certainly have a lot of work to do to be the team we want to be in 19 days."

Kragthorpe on which players stepped up: "I thought Gary Barnidge stepped up for us at the tight end position. And I thought Anthony Allen ran hard between the tackles. We've got to continue to find more playmakers. Trent Guy made a couple plays for us, JaJuan Spillman did some good things for us and Mario made some plays. But we can't have too many good playmakers and we've got to continue to find guys that make plays when they're on the field."

Kragthorpe on the crowd"The crowd was great. It was good to get people out here and get them a chance to look at some of the new players that we have. It was great to have everybody out tonight and it was a little cooler weather. So it worked out perfect."

Kragthorpe on Woodny Turenne: "Woodny made some pretty nice plays. One in particular that jumps out at me was the one in the red zone when we threw the corner route to Mario and you see his acceleration and his catch up speed. He got a little turned around but was able to stick his foot in the ground and redirect and make a heck of a play on the football. And that was against a pretty darned good receiver, too. So I thought he did some very good things tonight. The guy's been here for a week so he's got a big 19 days ahead of him."

Kragthorpe on the freshmen: "I thought it was good to see those guy's eyes. They've never been on a college football field before so we wanted to indoctrinate them a little bit. For the most part I thought things were great. I thought Matt Simms did a good job in the huddle and was in control and very encouraging."

Kragthorpe on his team: "I think we're where we need to be a week into practice, but not where we need to be 19 days from now when we open the season. But I think we've made a significant amount of progress. We're close to being a finished product, but that distance between 90 percent and 100 percent is a long way. That 10% takes you from a solid team to a great one. There's a lot of work to be done."

Kragthorpe on Willie Williams: Williams, a junior college transfer linebacker, was not in attendance and did not play in the scrimmage. "He's got the flu. So I told him to keep his butt home because I don't want it."

Kragthorpe on why Harry Douglas and Rod Council didn't participate: "We're just holding them out right now. Harry is a guy I know can make plays and what I'm looking for is guys to step up and make plays that haven't had a chance to do that yet. JaJuan, Trent, Doug (Beaumont). And then with Rod it's the same situation. I wanted to get some guys repetitions that I have not seen do it. I've seen 14 (Council) and 85 (Douglas) do it. I have such a limited amount of time and I wanted to see 15 (Chaz Thompson) play, 9 (Turenne) play, I need to see 4 (Travis Norton) play, 34 (Bobby Buchanan). I need to see those guys make plays."

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