Louisville vs. Murray State: Notes and Quotes

Notes and post-game quotes from No. 10 Louisville's 73-10 win over Murray State Thursday night at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium.

Louisville Head Coach Steve Kragthorpe

"It was a great crowd tonight and it was fun to get out there and play. For the most part, we were pretty clean with our players and coaches and getting in and out of the huddle. We had a few mistakes that we'll need to take care of to be the team we want to be, but it was a great effort tonight and a great job by our team."

(On the mistakes) "We had a few too many penalties. We had a touchdown on a return that was called back and a few late hits, but other than that, we were pretty clean. When a game gets out of hand like that, it's hard to stay focused at times.

"We were able to get a lot of guys in the game. We got the entire second team offensive line in the game and it's really good to see those guys play."

Steve Kragthorpe's debut was impressive.

(On Harry Douglas' touchdowns to open each half) "We had some plays we wanted to get called early in the game and early in the half based on what we saw on tape. We got them in and started off on a bang. The defense did a nice job on the opening drive of the game; JuJuan (Spillman) did a nice job with the return. Brian (Brohm) and Harry (Douglas) executed.

(On the defense) "They played really well on the first series of the game. Our whole team needs to understand we have to play every play. Maybe we relaxed on the second series, but we played better in the second half. We've got to do a better job of playing every series like we did in the second half."

(On Brian Brohm) "We planned on playing him one series in the second half. We didn't know it was going to be only one play, but that was our plan. I'm glad we were able to get Hunter (Cantwell) and Tyler (Wolfe) in the game too. But Brian was very sharp tonight. From a mental standpoint, he handled everything very well. We give him some latitude with his calls and that's deserved because of his work on the mental part of the game. He was very good tonight and had total command and that's good to see."

(On playing on Thursday night) "It's great television exposure for our program. We recruit nationally and a lot of guys saw the game. It didn't impact our crowd, as long we don't have too many people calling in sick to work tomorrow."

(On walking around the stadium to visit with fans after the game) "I appreciate our fans. They're great fans and I appreciate what they do for me and our players. We want to be givers and not just takers. I want to lead our players by example and that's why I did it." Steve Kragthorpe post-game remarks courtesy UofLSports.com


How much of the offense did you show tonight? "We didn't show much."

Did coach Kragthorpe tell you how long you'd play in the second half?

"He told me I'd be out there for one series, but I didn't know it would be one play."

Are you going to watch Kentucky play Saturday? "Yeah, I'll watch."


Are you going to watch Kentucky play Saturday? "Nah. I'm sure we'll be practicing."


Willie A. Williams dressed, but did not play. Afterward Kragthorpe wouldn't elaborate much.

"He wasn't available to play tonight," Kragthorpe said of the well-publicized transfer linebacker. "We'll continue to evaluate all players, we had a couple guys in the same situation. Hopefully we'll be able to get those guys in there as soon as possible."

When asked if it was due to an injury or suspension, Kragthorpe replied: "We don't comment on injuries, but definitely not a suspension."


Kragthorpe and junior center Eric Wood exchanging fist bumps as they walked to the locker room side-by-side.

Earl Heyman and Dexter Heyman, a senior at Male and UofL recruiting target, sharing a moment together on the field after the Cards victory.

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