Douglas tells his side of the story

Louisville senior wide receiver Harry Douglas told his side of the story Monday afternoon about the pre-game "incident" that ESPN reported before the Cardinals game Friday night against Utah.

Louisville senior wide receiver Harry Douglas told his side of the story Monday afternoon about the pre-game "incident" that ESPN reported before the Cardinals game Friday night against Utah.

Just before kick-off Friday night the ESPN sideline reporter stated that Douglas threw his helmet toward the sideline after participating during pre-game warm-ups and used some choice words that couldn't be broadcast on television. That report fueled speculation after the game of a conflict between Douglas and the U of L coaching on the decision made that he wouldn't play for a second straight game because of an ankle injury sustained two weeks ago against Syracuse.

"There was a lot of confusion," Douglas said. "Number one, I don't ever remember tossing my helmet during warm-ups because my helmet never came off during warm-up's. And when I went to the sideline before the game my helmet was under the bench the whole game. I think they also said I said a couple words that couldn't be said on TV, which that wasn't the case. Was it true? No. But hey that's life. All I was doing the whole game was trying to get my team together so we could have a victory.

Harry Douglas denied ESPN's pre-game report
"If people don't understand things it's seems like nothing should be said at all. If you don't know what you're talking about don't write it or say it. No one that's not in the program knows what goes on inside. The coaches and players are the only one's that know what's going on. Basically everything is assumptions and based on assuming. Nothing is ever quoted."

Junior center Eric Wood, one of the team's undisputed leaders, had this to say about Douglas: "It kills me to hear all the stuff that's not true, like the situation with Harry the other night," Eric Wood said. "I can't say anything more about Harry as a player and a leader. That (situation) was ridiculous to me because in pre-game warm-ups Harry was the one coming up to everyone and getting them going. To hear that he might be a character issue is absolutely ridiculous to me. It hurts when stuff like that comes about."

Douglas told reporters Monday that it was his decision, not Steve Kragthorpe's, to sit out against the Utes.

"What happened was before the game I was in warm-ups and I was going to try to play but I wanted to see how (my ankle) felt in warm-ups first," Douglas said. "When I was going through warm-ups it didn't feel too good. So I told coach I couldn't go. So that's basically it."

Douglas was carted off the field after injuring his ankle late in a, 38-35, loss to Syracuse in the Cards' Big East opener late last month.

"I haven't missed a game during my whole career," Douglas said. "I've got an injury that's holding me out right now."

Whether Douglas will play Saturday night against Cincinnati remains to be seen. Douglas did say Monday that he felt right now he would play Saturday, but added: "Once again, it's an injury that when you're on it a lot it swells back up and still hurts. So it's a day to day thing. I'm confident today that I'll play (against UC). But tomorrow's another day – you never know.

Douglas said he practiced probably "a day and a half" last week, adding that he "did something every day. I just didn't participate in all the activities that we had in practice."

The injury prevents Douglas from playing the way he's become accustomed. "It's hurt more when I do certain things, (like) cutting and beating press coverage. Those are the things that I do best," Douglas said.

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