One-on-One: Terrance Farley

Senior center Terrance Farley is coming off an impressive outing against Marshall and has played valuable minutes in the Louisville front court early this season.

Terrance Farley, the 6-foot-10 senior center from Louisville's own Pleasure Ridge Park High School, started Tuesday night in the University of Louisville's game against Marshall. Farley delivered, scoring seven points, blocking five shots and grabbing three rebounds in the Cards' 85-75 win over the Thundering Herd.

Farley played only four minutes, scoring one point, in UofL's loss to Purdue last Saturday, but got the start against Marshall and he responded with season-highs in scoring and blocked shots. Farley started off fast. He was fouled on UofL's first possession as he went up for an alley-oop. It was a sign of things to come. He scored four of the Cards' first 12 points on a dunk and a layup off of passes from Edgar Sosa. He checked out moments after his second basket and was given a nice round of applause from the UofL fans. He finished the first half with five points and four blocked shots in only nine minutes. Midway through the second half Farley hit the floor hard when trying to take a charge and was slow to get up before gingerly walking off. Farley wasn't there long, though, he returned less than a minute later to replace Derrick Caracter.

In the past Farley has come under fire for a perceived lack of passion in his play, but coach Rick Pitino has been impressed with Farley's fervor this season. Farley has played more than expected early in the 2007-08 campaign due to injuries to David Padgett and Juan Palacios and the recent suspension of Caracter and he is proving the Cards with some much-needed interior defense.

Q: What about the win over Marshall?

A: "Tonight was definitely a must-win for us and it was definitely a relief for us. We knew what we had to do going into this, we didn't need any motivational speeches or anything like that we all just had to have each other's backs at critical times in the game and we were able to come out with the win. We knew that we had to eliminate the three-point line, and we didn't do that great of a job, but at key points of the game we definitely stepped up and stopped the three so I'm proud of our team for that."

Q: What about your play?

A: "It was decent. I'm my biggest critic, I always feel like I can do a lot more. Once I watch the game film I could be like, ‘Wow that was my rebound,' or ‘Wow, I could've blocked that shot.' I'm probably my biggest critic when it comes to watching film or even when I'm out on the sidelines. Overall I'm kind of satisfied. And all that matters, it's not me, it's that we got the win as a team."

Q: How come you got the start tonight after playing only four minutes against Purdue?

A: "I really can't figure out, it's just coach P(itino). I leave it in coach P's hands, I leave everything in coach P's hands. He's a 500-win coach, he definitely knows what he's doing. One minute it could be a strategy, he could play me for one game because he feels I fit into that game more than another and Purdue probably just wasn't my game. That's what I feel, so it's not really any big deal."

Q: You came out tonight and got off to a quick start, scoring four of your team's first 12 points, can you talk about that?

A: "It felt really good, it was a long time coming. I had to find a little break and finally get on the offensive end rather than the defensive end and it was definitely a fun game for me, it was definitely a fun game, probably the one of the best I've had here as a player. I'll always remember that one."

Q: Tell me about the reaction you get from the fans, what's that like?

A: "I feel so grateful for these fans. These fans are always behind me, probably more so than anyone else and I've just been so humbled to be here in the city of Louisville and to be from here. It's just been a great experience for me. I'll probably definitely recognize that and tear up on Senior Day that's for sure."

Q: What happened when you fell to the ground in the second half?

A: "I got elbowed in a spot on my back yesterday in practice and it definitely didn't go over well because I came back today in the game and took that charge. I put my body out there and I landed on that same spot so it definitely took me a while to get up because I had to shrug off the pain. After that was over with I was able to just get back on the floor and play."

Q: Then you went off and came back in and got another big hand from the fans, do you think they were appreciating your hard work?

A: "These fans, they're second to none, you'll never find any more like them."

Q: Talk about your role on the team now, what do you see it as?

A: "I'm probably not even really considered on the offensive end as I am (on the defensive end), which the way I would want it to be which is to be considered on the defensive end, that's where my role is. I like the fact that DC is there, he can pick up my slack on the offensive end and I can pick up his slack on the defensive end. That's how it rolls around here. If DP (David Padgett) ever comes back, or if he doesn't, we'll always have DC to score for us and I'll pick up the slack on the defensive end. That's where DP was very valuable because he could play a little bit of both and definitely we have a DP in us too. I feel really confident we'll be able to pull it out."

Q: Where do you think this season is going?

A: "It's obvious that the rest of the season is going to be really tough for us...but I feel we're going to be able to pull out of this be able to come through strong together as one heartbeat as we harp the whole season so then we'll be good."

Q: What's David Padgett's role in practice these days?

A: "David's just chillin on the sidelines, he's getting in wherever he can. He's helping me out with rotations, he tells me like knits in the plays that I can do different and get open and score. David definitely does more than anybody would ever think. He helps me out a lot."

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