Jennings making progress

You won't find many write-ups on the Internet about Louisville signee Terrence Jennings or his progress this year at Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Mass. But spoke with Jennings' coach Monday and has an update on the Cardinals 6'10, 235-pound future star, who just led his team to a big win over Tyreke Evans and American Christian (PA) Academy.

"He continues to play very well in our games and works very hard in practice and is certainly a very big contributor to our program," said Notre Dame assistant coach Mike McMahon. "We are 16-4 this year and had a very big win over American Christian last night. I'm not a number's guy but I know Terrence played very well."

Terrence Jennings

Jennings came up big in Notre Dame's 87-85 win over American Christian and top Louisville target Tyreke Evans in the Pittsburgh High School Basketball Classic Sunday at Duquesne University.

"I want to say he had 20-plus points – 20 and 10 (rebounds)," McMahon said. "I'm not sure on the boards and I might be under-doing the points. But he was extremely effective for us. I wasn't there but I know he played exceedingly well and was an integral part of that victory."

McMahon said Jennings,'s No. 2-ranked prep school prospect, has made excellent progress since transferring to Notre Dame from Mount Zion (NC) Academy last fall.

"He is starting to become more physical around the basket and is starting to really look for his own shot when we punch it down low to him," McMahon said. "And he gets it nicely off the glass for us. The athleticism has always been there. He primarily plays inside but we do let him do a few things outside. He does have that ability."

McMahon declined comment when asked about Jennings academic progress.

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