Brohm plans to make offense more physical

After four days of spring practice, new offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm evaluated his offenses early spring performance for Based on observation, one thing appears clear: Brohm intends to make the offense a more physical unit this spring.

After four days of spring practice new offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm was ready to evaluate his offenses early spring performance. Based on observation, one thing appears clear: Brohm intends for the offense to become a physical, well prepared and hard working unit capable of scoring lots of points.

With Hunter Cantwell operating under center and Brohm calling the shots, the offense hasn't seemed to lose a beat so far this spring.

"I think our guys are working hard and realize there's still a lot of work to do to become a great (offense)," Brohm said. "Our guys know last year wasn't good enough and we're going to do everything in our power to come ready to play every game and be the most physical team, the most well prepared team and the hardest working team every week."

Bilal Powell provides an explosive element
for Louisville's offense.

With Charlie Stubbs in control of the offense, Louisville seemed to abandon the run early in a lot of contests last season. They also didn't seem to be as physical as they were in the recent past and relied heavily on a more finesse style focused on the passing game. Expect that to change with Brohm now calling the offensive shots.

"From an offensive view we know that we're going to be more physical than the other team every week and we're going to demand toughness, we're going to make sure we finish every play and we're going to have the mentality that we're going to physically dominate the other team and in order to do that you have to run the ball," Brohm said. "With that said our guys have to be tough, physical and then a lot of times if you're able to do that it makes the passing game a lot easier. In order to get the one on one's on the outside you have to be able to run the ball."

When Brohm wants to fire away and take shots down field he's got the ability to do that with the 6'4 Cantwell. Cantwell has been sharp to start the spring and appears ready to be the ‘man' for the Cardinals next season.

"He's done a great job," Brohm said. "He's worked hard the last four years and his time is now and he knows that. And he's ready to take advantage of it. I couldn't be happier with his performance so far and I'm looking for great things from him."

Behind Cantwell, Bilal Powell and Brock Bolen provide a nice one-two punch. While Powell provides explosion and quickness, Bolen gives the Cardinals a physical back who the pile - and the chains - and also make plays catching the ball out of the backfield. Both players have run well since putting on pads this week.

"Both of those guys are exceptional players," said Brohm. "Bilal proved at the end of the year that he's got some special talents and special speed and we've got to get the ball in his hands. Brock is a steady guy that can run the ball, block, catch – do all those things. We're looking for big things from them and they have to carry the load for us."

Scott Long looks like Louisville's go-to WR.

Though Brohm is pleased with his top two backs, he's still looking to develop depth at that position this spring. That job has become a little more difficult with the suspension of senior George Stripling and the current unavailability of Dale Martin, who isn't participating in contact portions of practice because of injury. Victor Anderson, a talented redshirt freshman, has shown promise working as the No. 3 running back this week.

While depth is an issue in the backfield, Brohm appears to have several good options at wide receiver. Scott Long is developing into the go-to guy, while Trent Guy and Doug Beaumont have consistently made big plays in the passing game since spring practice got underway last week.

"Scott Long has worked hard and he wants to be a go-to guy and he's working hard to make that happen," Brohm said. "Chris Vaughn needs to step up and he's working hard and I think he's got a chance to be a good player for us. Those are two, physical receivers that are going to be good in the passing game and the running game. And then I think with Doug Beaumont, Trent Guy and JaJuan Spillman we have to find ways to get the ball in their hands because they're quick, fast and playmakers."

The tight end position is also a bit problematic. Sophomore Pete Nochta looks to be the top option right now with converted defender Johnnie Burns getting a strong look. Zach Meagher is still out rehabbing an injury and redshirt freshman Michael Fennerty, a former high school wide out, is still adjusting to the physical nature of the position.

"He's the first team guy right now but he's young," Brohm said of the 6-5, 246 Nochta. "I think he knows how to work hard and knows that we need him to be a player."

With a few weeks left to work his offensive players, Brohm will be looking to improve in two key areas.

"I think we have to (improve) our consistency and execution," said Brohm. "We have some good players. But we've got to make sure all 11 guys are willing to fight and battle and get it done."

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