English doesn't sugar-coat defensive problems

Ron English's defense was dominated by the Louisville offense during the Cardinals second scrimmage of the spring. Afterward, English didn't sugar-coat his units performance. InsideTheVille.com has the latest with Coach English.

Opening statement
"I hoped we'd play better than we played," English said. "Right now we're fragile. What's interesting and what I told the players was I was really think what the heck am I going to tell them because on a day like today it's hard to know what to tell them.

"But I told them the truth. We're not ready to withstand giving up big plays early and that's what we did. I think those guys are willing and they want to do better and we've been better. But today we allowed big plays early and we didn't tackle very well, we didn't leverage the football and when you do that you're going to give up a lot of points."

What do you do to correct the mistakes?
"You've got to keep working – we've got to keep working. We are getting better but it didn't show today. We've got to get these guys – one day they've got to come out here and perform and get some confidence and they will get better and we'll get better as a team. We know what we need to work on. We're not consistent at any one thing yet. So we're just trying to do fundamental football like we have since we got here. We just have to continue to work at it."

Do you take away any positives from the scrimmage?
"Well it's hard – it's hard to be positive. I haven't gone through this in many years. It's hard to take a positive from it. I'll have to watch the tape and I'm sure there were guys that played better. I think Woodny (Turenne) played better today. But it's hard to be positive about this performance today."

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