Kragthorpe breaks down spring game

Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe breaks down the Cardinals performance in Friday night's spring game.

What was the biggest area of defensive improvement this spring?
Steve Kragthorpe: "I thought we tackled well. I think we got lined up and didn't make as many mental mistakes. We came down hill and tackled very well in the first half and we did a good job in the scrimmages too. Now we've got to be able to take that throughout the game."

What did you think about Hunter Cantwell's performance?

Adrian Grady forced a fumble on a big hit of
Hunter Cantwell.

Steve Kragthorpe: "I wanted to see how he handled the huddle and how he responded to different situations down and distance-wise. He made some plays on third down and did a good job of giving some guys a chance to get to the ball. I thought he operated well tonight and was in command of what we wanted to do. And his rhythm and timing were better."

How about Victor Anderson?
Steve Kragthorpe: "Coming into the spring I knew he could run the ball outside because he's got such great speed and quickness. But what impresses me is that he has run the ball so well inside the tackles. You saw him make a great run in overtime. That wasn't his best run of the spring. There was one about two weeks ago where there was nothing there and he got five yards. He'll make some big plays if he continues to hit the ball inside like that."

How would you assess your secondary's performance?
Steve Kragthorpe: "I thought we tackled well. I thought Richard Raglin had some nice tackles, Bobby Buchanan had a good tackle on Brock Bolen. Travis Norton did some good things in terms of getting the ball on the ground. That's the one of the things our secondary has to do is get guys on the ground if they break the first level of containment on our defense. And they made some plays on the ball."

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