GA Safety Daniel Brown last but not least

The University of Louisville coaches said they were not done recruiting. And after shaking the bushes one last time they may have come up with one more diamond in the rough. Douglass (GA) Safety Daniel Brown spoke with ITV about his recent commitment to the Cardinal program.

There can be many twists and turns in the life of a high school football player looking for an opportunity to make it in the big time. There can be set backs or unforeseen circumstances along the road. And while sometimes things do not go as planned, maybe things worked out for the best. So this is the story that some day could fit for Louisville's newest commit Douglass (GA) Safety Daniel Brown.

So of course the natural place to start would be to find out how we got here.

"Three weeks ago coaches began coming through school for spring evaluations. And Coach English came in and my coaches told him about me. He was looking for a safety so they gave him my information and the DVD of my senior highlights. And he looked at the tapes and he liked what he saw," said Brown.

Daniel said that he made is first trip to Louisville last Tuesday for his visit.

"It was a great visit. They showed me a lot of love. There are good people up there," said Brown. "The thing I like about it is that we are like stars around there. Since there are no professional teams the schools like Louisville and the University of Kentucky are like the top of the top there."

And with the great visit that he had when did Daniel decide Louisville was the right choice?

"Actually I had it in my mind before I got there. I have a couple of guys up there that are from my school that were telling me all about it. Corey Thompson who was my host is from down here and his brother is my position coach they told me all about Louisville. So once I got there I knew this was the place for me," Brown continued.

Had things gone a little differently Daniel would have probably been wearing different colors this fall. "Actually, I had an offer from Vanderbilt but my test score to get in there was not high enough at that time. So by the time I got a chance to retake and I made the higher score Vanderbilt had pulled the offer," said Brown.

Daniel mentioned that he received scholarship offers from several traditional black colleges, and some division 1-AA schools while awaiting a chance to retake his test. "There is nothing wrong with going to play at some of those smaller schools, but I knew in the back of my mind I wanted to play Division 1 football." Once he received the new score Brown said that he was receiving interest from Mississippi State prior to his commitment to Louisville.

And with all the paperwork signed, sealed, and delivered how does it feel to be a Louisville Cardinal?

"I'm ready to get down there. I'm ready to get down and start working with the team. I'm just ready to get back to Louisville. I actually didn't want to leave once I got there," Daniel said with a laugh.

And what does Daniel feel he will bring to the football field for Louisville?

"I'm very physical. I am a very physical player. The teams we played would always run their plays opposite of my side. I would only have about 5 to 6 plays run my way a game. I had to go make the plays because they ran away from me. I feel that in a couple of years I will be able to make an impact at Louisville," said Brown.

Brown is coming off an outstanding senior season which saw him record 96 tackles, 2 interceptions, 3 forced fumbles, and a defensive touchdown.

Daniel will be returning to Louisville to begin school starting the second summer school term which begins in July. And I feel that the last commit of the 2008 class is the last, but will definitely not be the least.

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