Louisville near top for west coast QB

Lake Oswego (OR) QB Jack Lomax is looking for the right fit. He is receiving heavy interest from many west coast powers, but only one east coast school has caught his eye. Lomax discusses his recruitment with Inside The Ville.

Jack Lomax is looking at possible destinations to make his new home. He is looking for the right fit, and one overriding factor will go a long way to securing his signature on signing day.

"I like coaching staff. I go to a camp and the coaches want to work with me and see me workout individually. I get interested when they get interested. If they are interested in me then I am going to work harder to live up to their standard. So coaching staff is big to me when they call me and talk about not just football that is a big factor for me," said Lomax.

And while Louisville does not get much press in the pacific northwest one factor has helped in their recruitment of Lomax.

"I don't really know much about Louisville right now, but I see them on TV all the time. I've always admired Brian Brohm because he reminds me a lot of myself. A tall athletic quarterback that passes first, but can also make plays outside of the pocket with his legs as well," said Lomax. "I've always been interested in Louisville, but I never thought I would have a chance to play there until my coach told me that they were coming out to my school to watch me workout. So apparently they liked what they saw and have invited me to Louisville for a camp on July 13th."

Currently Jack has one offer from Portland state and interest from Oregon State, Oregon, Arizona State, California, Boise State, and other west coast schools. Louisville is the only east coast school that Jack is considering. Jack says that distance from home will not be a factor in his recruitment.

"Actually my sister went to school at Kentucky and she told me she loved it. I actually want to get away from home," said Lomax.

Lomax only has a couple of camps currently scheduled, and is already ahead of the game when it comes to his list of favorites.

"Right now my two camps I am going to are Arizona State and Louisville. And I have my top five right now which are Arizona State, Oregon State, Louisville, Boise State, and Oregon," said Lomax.

Jack says that he prides himself on being a balanced playmaker on the field.

"I ‘m a passer first, but if the opportunity presents itself I can definitely run it. I feel you can't just play me for the pass, and you have to respect my ability to run. I feel that I am a double threat," said Lomax. "The main thing I want to work on is gaining weight, and also footwork because that is very important is to have good footwork as a quarterback."

Lomax says that he brings a lot of intensity to the game and there is one quarterback specifically that he draws inspiration from.

"One of my favorite quarterbacks is Donovan McNabb. I love how he plays. Of course he can throw the ball, and he is athletic and can make plays with his legs. But the thing I love about him is that he is a leader. I like the fire that he has, because I am that type of player. I get really amped up and I get really prepared for the game. I am really competitive and he is really competitive so that is why he is one of my favorite players," said Lomax.

Lomax who for over 2000 yards and 18 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions says that he will make a decision when he gets what he is looking for.

"Well right now I only have the one offer from Portland State, but if I get an offer from one of my top 5 schools I will probably make my decision before signing day," said Lomax.

And if his last name sounds familiar it should. Jack is the son of NCAA/NFL great Neil Lomax. Lomax starred at Portland State from 1977-81. Lomax held 90 NCAA passing records. He then went on to a nine year NFL career with the Cardinals and was selected to two Pro Bowls.

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