Busy summer for GA Athlete

Rodruguez Price has been putting some mileage on the car this summer. He is making trips to the schools that he will consider for his recruitment in the coming months. Has he made a trip to Louisville? What does he think about the Cardinal program?

Creekside (GA) Athlete Rodruguez Price has been out on the road looking at various programs He is looking for the right fit and opportunity. So where has he been lately?

"Well I am going to the Vanderbilt camp this week coming up, and I just came back from the Auburn camp last weekend. And I just came back from the Georgia Tech camp two weeks ago so I have already been pretty busy this summer," said Price.

When it comes to Louisville Rodruguez says that he actually was not able to make it there, but was very complimentary about the school.

"I have been recruited by Louisville since my junior year. I was supposed to go there for a camp, but I was not able to make it. But I got to watch them a lot on T.V. and I like their program a lot," said Price. "I am waiting to see the level of interest that I am receiving from them (Louisville). I am probably going to get a chance to go see the campus as well."

Price is receiving heavy interest from Georgia Tech, Vanderbilt, Auburn, and well as North Carolina State. Akron and Ohio have offered a scholarship, and he has received a verbal offer from Army.

Rodruguez says he is still pretty much wide open because it is still early in the process. He wants s to look into some things that the schools have to offer.

"First off is the comfort level with the school, a school that is academically good. And then position wise if it is a place where I would be able to go in and play," said Price. "Then my comfort level with the coaches, and my relationship with them."

Price who is being recruited for both offense as a running back, and defense as a cornerback says that he would prefer to play defense in college. And to that end Price says that he has the ability to make plays on defense when asked what he does well on the football field.

"Probably my endurance and agility on the field. I can make it happen anywhere on the field. My speed plays a key factor too," said Price.

Rodruguez who stands 5-9 173 pounds says that there are some things that he needs to improve before next season also.

"Being more of a leader on and off the field. Having more vision on the field on both side of the ball. Having better vision on the field to make more plays," said Price.

Price also mentioned that there is no set timetable for his recruitment.

"If a school that I am looking at steps forward with an offer I could be willing to end my recruitment right there, but I do not get the offer until during the season then I would commit then."

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