Final countdown begins for Indiana safety

For Indianapolis Pike safety Dakotah Tyler the wait is almost over. He has visited all the schools he is interested in and will take one final look at Louisville before making his decision. has the latest.

Dakotah Tyler, a 5-10 199 pound safety, is about to make up his mind on his recruitment. He has visited all of his finalists and he says that he is ready for his process to come to an end.

"I was trying to make a decision before the season. It might end up being sooner than that maybe in the next few weeks," said Tyler. "I have already made unofficial visits to Purdue, Cincinnati, and Indiana, but this will probably be the only other visit that I make."

The visit of which Dakotah speaks is that of an upcoming return visit to the University of Louisville.

"They didn't get as much time as they would like to get to know me and really evaluate me fully. They told me they want me to come back down to camp again on July 12th," said Tyler. "And I am planning to go back to camp on the 12th."

Dakotah had previously visited Louisville for their camps the weekend of June 7th and he had great things to say about the program.

"I think they have a real good program. I like Coach English he was who I was working with at camp when I worked out with the DB's," said Tyler. "They have really nice facilities, a nice coaching staff, I really like it there. I liked the indoor practice facility, the stadium, and the Howard Schnellenberger Complex," Tyler continued.

Tyler did say that right now that Cincinnati, Purdue, and Indiana hold the edge on Louisville in his recruitment. With the key reason being that the Louisville coaching staff has not stepped up with an offer as of yet for the talented safety.

Dakotah looked at several factors to help him to narrow his focus to the teams he is currently favoring.

"The main thing will be the coaching staff and how I mesh with the coaches. And also the way they coach and the style they coach," said Tyler. "I also want to go somewhere with a good program. The campus environment also is important. I want to go to a big college environment no small schools."

Tyler who has been clocked in the 40-year dash in sub 4.4 times says that he brings a lethal combination of skills to the table.

"I think one of my biggest strengths is my combination of my speed and my physicality. I am a hard hitter and I don't miss many tackles," said Tyler. "I need to continue to work on my DB skills, but it is hard because I will be playing quarterback for my team this year. I have been spending a lot of time working on that."

Though Dakotah will be lining up behind center this fall for Pike he knows where he will do damage in college. And he has on player he looked to for inspiration though he is no longer with us.

"I try to play a lot like Sean Taylor. He was my favorite growing up," said Tyler. "He was really athletic and he could cover well, get picks, and he could hit also. He was the total package."

And though Dakotah's recruitment may be drawing to a close, but the final chapter has yet to be written.

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