Four-Star QB is a student of the game

Centennial (TX) QB Ryan Mossakowski is as talented as they come at the quarterback position. He is intelligent and he has a true hunger to be the best. The University of Louisville just graduated a quarterback with the same qualities. So could Ryan be the next in line to replace a legend?

Ryan Mossakowski is thinking man's player. He is smart, well spoken, driven, and very skilled. He has all the qualities to be the future face of a program. The Lone Star State standout has pretty much the whole Big 12 chasing his signature, but there is a school a little further east that he has a good amount of interest in as well.

"Right now I am trying to keep things open I am sitting at about 10 offers currently," said Mossakowski. "I have Texas A&M, Kansas, Nebraska, Arizona, Auburn, Oregon, Kentucky, Louisville, Alabama, Clemson and Texas."

And with Ryan being from Texas and having offers from the two biggest football playing teams in the state is he even looking outside the Big 12?

"My interest level in Louisville is very high. I talk to Coach Alford all of the time and he seems like a really great guy," said Mossakowski. "I have not been there for a visit yet but I am planning on going there in mid-July."

Mossakowski says he threw for 3021 yards 19 touchdown passes with 7 rushing touchdowns and a 53% completion percentage with 11 interceptions as a Junior. Ryan feels that he has several qualities that help set him apart from his competition at his position.

"I am more of a pro-style, pocket-passing quarterback. I am going to stay in the pocket and make the play, but I can run if I need to. I think that the strength of my game is my vision, my mind, and how fast I see things happen. I have great footwork, and I set myself up for a lot of my throws with my footwork," said Mossakowski. "I understand the game and the concepts of the different game plans from week to week. I am just a student of the game."

Another example of a great leader and a person who truly wants to be the best Ryan knows that he still has plenty of improvement that need to be made to his game.

"I really want to concentrate on arm strength. I want to be able to make a lot of different throws. I also want to get quicker with my footwork and getting out quicker with my throws," said Mossakowski.

Mossakowski says that there is a player that he idolizes that he really looks to as the standard he would like to meet.

"I would say I try to pattern my game after Peyton Manning he does things to perfection. He works really hard at knowing everything about the offense. He puts so much time into everything he does that everyone recognizes how hard he works," said Mossakowski.

In identifying the most important factors that will stand out in his recruitment Mossakowski pointed a few key areas.

"Well probably the number one thing would be education, because you never know what will happen on the field. Two would be how the coaches interact with the players. Each coach has a different philosophy and how they communicate with the players will be important. And the third thing would be a home like environment I think that is very important that way I can go in there and settle down and be myself," said Mossakowski.

Besides the visit to Louisville in July Ryan says he will be making a couple of other stops as well.

"I have already been to camp at Clemson. Also I am making an unofficial visit to Tennessee and I am going to a camp up at Auburn," said Mossakowski.

Mossakowski is looking for his recruitment to go swiftly from this point and hopes to have a decision sooner than later.

"I am probably going to narrow things down after my camps around the middle of July. And then I am planning on taking all five of my official visits, but if I find a place that I am comfortable with I would go ahead and verbally commit. But right now I plan on taking all five of my official visits," said Mossakowski. "And I think as far as making a commitment I think it will be more of a feeling than an actual time table. When things feel right then I will commit."

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