Privott still solid?

Rumors circulated last week that Mike Privott was wavering on his commitment to Louisville. Over the weekend, the three-star Norfolk, Va. linebacker drove 11 hours with his family to attend Louisville's Senior Development Camp. Following camp, Privott discussed his trip and the status of his commitment with

"The camp at Louisville was great," Mike Privott said. "I got a chance to see the campus and the coaching staff and they were real nice. My family and I really got a good feel for Louisville and it was a really good experience. It really was a great trip. I really, really came away impressed."

There had been some rumors floating around the Internet last week that Privott had doubts about his verbal commitment to Louisville. While the 5-foot-11, 225-pound linebacker admitted to having second thoughts about his decision, Privott says he remains solid in his commitment to the Cardinals.

"I'm very solid in my commitment," said Privott. "I had a few shaky thoughts but I'm looking forward to getting down there next July."

Mike Privott said he's solid
in his commitment to Louisville.

That's welcome news for the Louisville coaching staff, especially linebacker coach Bill Miller. Miller had an opportunity to personally work with Privott during Sunday's three hour camp and, according to Privott, was excited about the Virginia standouts ability.

"I was kind of worn out from the passing tournament on Saturday," Privott said. "But I did all the drills with the linebacker coach (Bill Miller) and he was pretty impressed with how fast I was. The camp went smoothly, it was well organized and I actually learned some things that I can use during the upcoming season like planting my feet more and twisting my hips. Coach Miller told me to get my 45-degree angle a little quicker than I normally do. But he was really impressed with my ability to cover running backs and tight ends."

While Privott worked mostly against the tight ends and running backs in camp, he came away impressed with Texas quarterback Ryan Mossakowski. A four-star prospect, Mossakowski is likely the No. 1 quarterback prospect on Louisville's recruiting board.

"The four-star quarterback, Ryan Mossakowski, really impressed me," Privott said. "I talked to him and his father and I'm hoping he commits, too. He really impressed me with his arm. He threw a tight ball."

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