Louisville in Texas QB's top five

Rockwall-Heath (TX) quarterback Drew Hollingshead has put together a list of five favorites and Louisville currently makes the list. Will Hollingshead fit into Louisville's future plans?

Rockwall-Heath quarterback Drew Hollingshead was all set to visit to the University of Louisville in early July. But that trip didn't exactly work out.

"My seven-on-seven team made it to the state tournament and we were there all weekend. We made it to the championship bracket of the 64 team tournament," said Hollingshead. "Unfortunately we lost to the team that eventually won the tournament, but was a great weekend and we got a lot out of it."

Drew has yet to make a visit to Louisville, but he does have a connection within the program that could pay dividends down the road.

"Well Louisville is a great school. They have a great offense that fits me perfectly. I have actually had the opportunity to meet Coach Kargthorpe because he coached at (Texas A&M) with my dad. He is a great guy and it is a great program that I am really interested in," said Hollingshead.

And when speaking to Drew about Louisville he has previous visited the city though it was a while ago.

"I have been to Louisville before as a little kid and I remember some things about it. But I am really interested in taking an official visit there soon, or maybe sometime during the season," said Hollingshead.

When beginning to talk about that teams that are in serious contention for his services Hollingshead says that he has make some early decisions in his recruitment. And also Drew gave a small breakdown of the schools in contention for his signature.

"I have offers from New Mexico State and Idaho State. My top five right now would be New Mexico State because of their offense I like what they do. Next would be Houston their interest is picked up lately and they are coming on strong. South Carolina and Kentucky are right there and I like both of them. And Louisville would round out my top five," said Hollingshead.

Of the schools in his top five Hollingshead has only seen a couple of the programs up close and personal. New Mexico State is the only school that he has visited so far. Drew will be camping at Houston on July 27th as well.

Currently Hollingshead is looking at the schools in his current top five for official visits. And to this point each of the schools are even in his mind with on school possibly sliding a bit ahead of the rest. "Right now I would say that everyone is pretty much even. If anything I would give a slight edge to New Mexico State because they have stepped up and made me an offer," said Hollingshead. "But those five schools I am really interested in and they are pretty much even to this point."

A well spoken and intelligent young man Drew says that he wants a program that will develop him both on and off the field.

"One of the first things is that I want to get a good education. I want to go to a school that is going to offer me a lot as far as academics. And next would be the offense. I want to go to a school that runs a pro-style offense that will get me prepared to go to the next level. All the schools I am interested in throw the ball a lot and have good offenses. All the schools have had great quarterbacks as well," said Hollingshead.

Last season the 6-3 200 pound Hollingshead completed an impressive 102 of 162 passes for over 1400 yards with 14 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. He feels that being on point is probably that best part of his game to date.

"I consider myself to be a very accurate quarterback. I can put the ball exactly where I want to when I want to. I also think I am a good leader and that is what your team needs. Someone who is strong that the team can rally around," said Hollingshead.

Drew says that he has really made it a point to grow his game this summer and focus on the fundamentals of good quarterback play.

"My foot work is something that I am constantly working on and working at. A lot of times you can't just sit back in the pocket and you have to be able to run around and make plays. So my footwork and my speed are two things that I have really worked on this summer," said Hollingshead.

And with his concentration on the technical side of the game Drew said that there are a couple of quarterbacks that he receives a lot of inspiration from.

"One of the guys that I really look up to is Tom Brady. He is very accurate and he is a great leader on the field. And my father works at SMU now and I have had that chance to talk to Coach (June) Jones and they talk a lot about Colt Brennan. And he was an extremely accurate quarterback as well and that is kind of what I wanted to be like. So those are the two guys that I really try to pattern my game after," said Hollingshead.

For Hollingshead is not really putting a timetable on his decision. He says that he will know the place when he sees it.

"Well right now it is really going to be a feeling type of thing. I am going to sit down with my family and friends, and when things feel right I will make my decision," said Hollingshead.

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