Offer vaults Cards into three-star DE's top 5

Louisville continues to look for players to help bolster their defense in the future and recently sent an offer to Gulfport (FL) Boca Ciego DE Julius Forte. While Forte's recruitment likely still has a ways to go, Louisville appears to be in good shape, crashing the 6-foot-2, 235-pound defensive end's current top five.

Rated a three-star prospect and the No. 50 DE prospect nationally, Julius Forte currently has received 13 scholarship offers with his most recent one coming from the Cards.

"I just recently got an offer from Louisville so everything on the recruiting front is going good," Forte said. "I talked to Coach (Alford) last Friday and he told me the offer would be in the mail this week. He came to my school to see me and we've been in contact since then. I've talked to him on the phone a few times and I've gotten to know him pretty well."

"I'm excited about Louisville's offer," Forte added. "Of course I'm going to be excited about all the offers but Louisville is a prestigious school and they put out defensive players. That's always a plus."

Though he currently holds more than one dozen offers, five programs currently stand out for Forte.

"I have a top five but it can change at any time," Forte said. "My top five would probably be USF, Louisville, N.C. State, North Carolina and Kentucky. Staying in-state is really not a factor in my decision-making. It's just whatever school I feel the most at home."

Education will also play a big factor in Forte's decision. "My mother is a teacher and education is really important to us," Forte said. "Then the history of the coaching staff and what they have done in the past is important. Are they progressing with their programs?"

Forte said he and his mother are beginning the process of setting up some official visits. He said he'll more than likely take his first visit during his schools bye-week in early or mid-September.

"I will take (some) during the (fall) but I might only be able to take one or two during the college football season," Forte said. "The rest will probably be after the season. I might try to visit all of the programs on my list except USF because they are here at home. I can visit there any time."

What does Forte like about each of his current five favorites? Here's what he had to say:

USF: "I really like their coaching staff. Plus, they're doing a great job with defensive ends like George Selvie. That's someone I can follow behind possibly."

Kentucky: "I like their facilities and campus. I talk to coach (Chuck) Smith who is recruiting me. He's a pretty good guy and he's told me a lot of positive things about the school."

Louisville: "They are a great defensive school. They've put out a lot of defensive players. I like coach Alford. He's a pretty down to earth guy and he speaks very high about education. That's good. Education comes first. That's a big plus for them."

North Carolina: "They put out defensive ends all the time. That's where I play and that's where the money is at. If that's what they put out that's going to attract me to them."

N.C. State: "It's similar to UNC, plus they were the first school to offer."

Forte, a talented pass rusher, made 50 tackles, 11 sacks, four caused fumbles, three fumbles recovered and one blocked field goal for a touchdown as a junior. He bench presses 315-pounds, squats 415 and has a 35-inch vertical jump. He also reports a 3.5 GPA and an 18 ACT score.

"I'm an intense player," Forte said. "I'm very competitive and want to win. I go hard every play. I have good agility and pretty quick off the ball. I use my speed and play with intensity."

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