Pitino discusses Caracter issue

News broke last week at InsideTheVille.com that Derrick Caracter would transfer from Louisville to an NAIA school. Rick Pitino discussed those rumors Wednesday night at the Cardinal Caravan at Captain's Quarters and InsideTheVille.com has the scoop. Is it bye-bye Derrick?

"I believe he's going to an NAIA school," Pitino told InsideTheVille.com. "I don't know if he's chosen which one yet (but) I think that's a great choice for him. He can play right away and not sit out."

Pitino had offered Caracter a deal to remain on the team that would have included sitting out the 2008-09 season and paying his way through school for the year. Speculation now is that Caracter will head to Oklahoma City, one of the top NAIA basketball teams in the nation.

"He's going to be going somewhere, I don't know exactly where," Pitino said. "We've spoken to his mom and they're trying to decide which school to go to and which school would be best for him. I thought that was an excellent choice. Sitting out is not going to benefit Derrick but playing right away will benefit him. He's deciding this on his own with his mom."

So no chance Caracter could end up back at Louisville?

"I didn't say there's no chance (but) I don't think there's any chance of him reaching the stipulations that we set forth," Pitino said. "In his defense, he would have to pay for school, get a job and maintain a certain grade point average. It's in his best interest to do exactly what he's doing."

Pitino confirmed that Caracter is no longer attending classes at UofL.

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