Louisville in 'good shape' with David Gilbert

Northeast (FL) DE David Gilbert is planning several visits this fall. Gilbert holds an offer from Louisville and - along with two teammates - has strong interest in the Cardinals. Could Gilbert and his teammates be a potential package deal for Louisville?

David Gilbert is quite familiar with the University of Louisville program and is looking closely at the Cardinals possible college destination.

"My top schools are Kentucky, Louisville, UConn, Wisconsin, and UCF. I have already taken an unofficial to UCF and I am going to Wisconsin in October and UConn in September. The other three visits are undecided right now. I will take those after my senior season. I am graduating early and will be enrolling for the spring semester," said Gilbert. .

Gilbert said he is very interested in what Louisville has to offer.

"I like their playing style and how they use their defensive line. And if things don't work out there then they are looking a possibly playing me at outside linebacker as well. I just think it would be a good place for me and also the twins (Isaac Geffard and Jacob Geffard) are seriously considering going there. And our running back has a cousin that goes there. It's a good environment also and the girls are pretty," said Gilbert with a laugh. .

Gilbert's recruitment appears similar to situation last year with the Cincinnati St. Xavier trio that signed with Louisville. Gilbert is definitely considering playing at the next level with his teammates and good friends the Geffard twins.

Talents in their own right, the Geffard brothers also hold offers from Louisville. Gilbert said the trio could trip to Louisville together.

"We would definitely be taking our official visit up there together. That way we could sit and talk about it right then and there while everything is still fresh in our minds. Things always seem to go better when we are all together," said Gilbert.

Academics will play an important role in Gilbert's ultimate decision.

"I am taking a look at the academics when I come up there. They have really good academics and how their program is set up. They have mandatory study hall and about a million tutors. You can get tutors for specific subjects and get people to help you that really know what they are talking about," said Gilbert.

Playing time will also be a major factor.

"Early playing time is going to be a factor for me. I know that if I go in there at 215 or 220 I am probably getting redshirted at some of the places I am looking at. So I understand that I am going to have to compete at that level so I will be looking at that also," said Gilbert.

"The other (factor) is the coaching staff. How I fit in with the coaching staff, the players, and the facilities. And what they have going on for the future. Louisville seems to have a lot of that. They got Peanut Whitehead who was one of the best defensive ends coming out. They had Amobi Okoye come out and he was there and successful for several years. So they definitely have a good heritage down there. So even if I got moved to linebacker I think I can be successful at that level," said Gilbert.

Gilbert is a disruptive force on the field and he broke down his game and what he feels he brings to the table.

"The strongest part of my game is my pursuit. There are a lot of times when I come from the back end of the play and beat the linebackers to the play. And also definitely my pass rush is also strong as well," said Gilbert. "I wanted to work on my endurance and working on my running so I can be stronger into the fourth quarter when it counts. And I also want to get better at closing the hole on run plays also."

Not one for the spotlight, Gilbert has his mind fixed on finding a home and a place to spend the next few years.

"I am not trying to be one of those guys with a bunch of hats at a table making a decision. Some guys are all about their stars and how many stars you have. When you get to college coaches don't care how many stars you have or what you look like on your highlight tape. I just what to make sure I go somewhere I fit," said Gilbert.

Once his season concludes, Gilbert says things will start moving very quickly with his decision making process.

"I am going to make a decision on the rest of my visits right after the season is over. I am not going to be able to do my research on the schools during the middle of the season so that is why I will wait until then. So then I can sit down with my family and I can have a week to sit down and make my decision. I will probably make my decision around the all-stars games so right after the season probably," said Gilbert. .

Louisville seems to be in good shape with Gilbert.

"I think that Louisville is in good shape. I am not really caught up in win-loss records. I am just looking for the best place for me so right now Louisville is in pretty good shape with me," said Gilbert.

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