Red-White Player Evaluations

In a showcase of athletic skill and competition, the Red-White scrimmage Sunday night proved an entertaining preview of what's in store for the Cardinals in 2008-09. How did the high-flying Cardinals perform individually? breaks it down.

White Team

Earl Clark F 6-9 220 lbs. – Earl once again looks to have taken his game to another level. He displayed a much improved handle, easily slicing through the defense with the ball on a string. Also a subtle change to his game was the aggressiveness Clark had in taking shots and attacking the rim. Look for Clark to be a double-double threat nightly and a more vocal leader as well.

Edgar Sosa G 6-1 175 lbs. – While patience has not been a virtue for Edgar in the past it seems that there is a brand new Sosa for the upcoming season. Still more of a shoot-first type of aggressive scoring guard Edgar made all the "right" plays when on the offensive attack. He continually looked to get his teammates involved early in the game instead of forcing the issue himself. Sosa's bread and butter was still his ability to get into the lane and make things happen and he did so with ease and efficiency. Defensively he has also made strides to become a more complete player.

Jerry Smith G 6-1 200 lbs. – Jerry had a rough night offensively. He put up a donut from beyond the arc for the night, but history tells us that will not be a problem as the season commences. What I did notice is how much more confident he has gotten with his ball handling abilities. There were several occasions where Jerry on the break or in the half-court set broke down the defense and looked to set up teammates with outstanding passes. Look for Smith to have a jump in his assist numbers this season as his improved court awareness and ball-handling will mean more shots for others.

Terrence Jennings F 6-10 225 lbs. – Athletic freak is the first thing that comes to mind while watching T-Jen play the game. He is excellent at running the floor and finishing big-time on the break. Several times Jennings' head and shoulders would almost clear the rim as he dunked the ball as if playing on a Nerf rim in the basement. Also improved is his back to the basket game as he hit several jump hooks. He will need to continue to work on his conditioning as he wore down midway through the second half. Free throw shooting is also an area that needs improving.

Kyle Kuric G 6-4 175 lbs. – Kyle, while not putting up prolific numbers in the scrimmage, showed flashes of why he was an all-state performer out of Evansville. With range that extends well behind the new three point line, Kuric will be a zone buster throughout his Cardinal career. He also showed a willingness to crash the boards hard. Several times he mixed it up with bigger players in the paint fighting for boards. Once he even attempted to dunk back a couple of rebounds, but just came up a little short. A fierce competitive spirit was also on display as he went head to head with his competitors for the red squad.

George Goode F 6-8 205 lbs. – The best compliment I can give George is that he was very pesky. He was constantly making life difficult for whomever he was defending. He played for both teams as a post defender. He blocked several shots and had a couple of steals and deflections and rebounded the ball effectively. George also showed an adept shooting touch knocking down a couple of baseline jumpers as well as a smooth stroke from the free throw line.

Will Scott G 6-3 185 lbs. – Scott played in limited action tonight. He did of course show his outstanding shooting touch knocking down a triple in the corner during the action.

Red Team

Andre McGee G 5-10 180 lbs. – Andre showed the poise and leadership of a senior on this night. He directed traffic, played excellent defense, and helped the younger players out along the way. McGee continued to show a deft shooting touch and he also looks to be a more dangerous play-maker off the bounce. On several occasions Andre broke down the defense to make outstanding passes to several of his teammates. He also made several tough finishes on his way to the hoop with either hand. And with his additional weight loss Andre's burst in the open court has gone to another level as the White team had trouble keeping him out of the lane.

Samardo Samuels F 6-8 255 lbs. – Mr. Samuels is an absolute monster. He was the most productive player in the Class of 2008, and he will be one of the most productive freshmen in the country. He is a relentless force of nature on the basketball course. Samardo effortlessly beats most every other big on the court from end to end. His motor is unbelievable as he was still able to show a feathery touch on his jumper from 20 feet after playing almost the whole game. Dunking everything and rebounding on both the offensive and defensive boards was also done with ease. Samuels was also very good from the foul line which will be key as he will spend a lot of time at the charity stripe.

Jared Swopshire F 6-7 215 lbs. – Offensively Swop is as effective as any freshmen Louisville has had in a very long time. He is truly an inside-outside threat on the court. From the perimeter Jared had the ability with his height to either attack off the dribble or find teammates for buckets. He also had the ability to post up and go with a smooth looking hook shot or display good up and under type footwork to draw fouls on bigger defenders. Once on the line Swopshire has a very soft touch and will be a good free throw shooter. Aggressive as any player on the team, he displayed explosive moves to the basket and always tried to finish plays with a dunk not a layup. Defensively he is still a work in progress and he will need to not be as upright of a defender as he can get caught flat footed and lets his man go right around him.

Reginald Delk G 6-4 175 lbs. – Delk is a very explosive athlete on the court. While not possessing the raw physical athleticism of T-Will he is more of a "track style" athlete. He is a springy more quick jumping athlete that can complete acrobatic plays at the rim. He is also a very good three point shooter that really likes the triple from the deep corner. Also he is a very capable rebounder that can compete with players much bigger than him due to his hops and long arms.

Preston Knowles G 6-1 170 lbs. – Last year Preston looked more like a talented player with no defined position. This year he is starting to take hold of being more of a lead guard in the offense. He continually brought the ball up the floor and got his team into their offensive sets. He looks more confident with his handle this season as well as creating offense for himself and others using the dribble. He looks to have put in a lot of work in the offseason on both his body and basketball game and it is paying off.

Lee Steiden G 6-4 185 lbs. – Lee also played limited minutes during the scrimmage, but did display a good shooting stroke from distance.

Terrence Williams G 6-6 215 lbs. – T-Will was not available due to injury, but he did throw out several assists to teammates in the form of Gatorade and towels. He also did a lot of shooting before the game as well as during timeouts as he looked to be chomping at the bit to get in the game.

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