Post-Game Quotes: UofL-South Alabama

Rick Pitino said he was pleased with his team's defense in Minardi Classic, while South Alabama coach Ronnie Arrow says Louisville fans "may be looking at the national champions" this season.

Louisville coach Rick Pitino
(Opening Statement) "That was excellent defense two nights in a row. I was really pleased with the 40 minutes and the way we defended. We had 43 deflections which was great, in our man, zone and press really in all phases of our defense. We have great respect for South Alabama that's why we played so hard, we had a great walk through. We had terrific focus; our guys did a terrific job on the defensive end. I though offensively they did a terrific job as well. When you execute like that in the beginning of the game and force a team to play zone then your doing a lot of good things. We attacked them very well in all phases of the game it was very good tonight and we didn't turn the ball over which was also good."

(On Louisville's current position) "It's outstanding because you want the defense with our schedule to be right where it's at, at this point of the season. We know we're going to get better with our freshman. We still obviously have to rebound better but that will come, we have to continue to work on it."

(On Louisville's focus) "There is five areas we set out to win in this tournament. One of them we wanted to win he assist total in each game we're at our best. We wanted to win the rebounding. We lost, 41 to 38, and that is still our Achilles heel. We wanted to win the steal battle, we wanted to go to the foul line more and we lost that one too, 14-22. The last thing we wanted to do was get our deflections over 35, we did - we got it to 43. We just played a terrific game. I'm really excited about the way we played."

(On Andre McGee settling things) "I though Andre did a terrific job of not only making passes- What our guards are starting to learn is that you can't go all the way to the rim against good teams. You have to make those passes. Those were really good passes we let up a little bit right before the second half when I thought the team was setting in. I said,' I don't know why you worked that hard to let up defensively.' We let them get a little bit of a run and then we stopped it coming out in the second half."

(On Samardo's improvement) "I think he's one of the best freshmen I've ever coached. He doesn't rebound, he doesn't play great defense. You must rebound play, better defense, and block shots if you want get to where you want to go some day. He's very talented but he must learn how to rebound, block shots, and play better defense. That's what we're here for and I'm not going to let up on that."

(On Samardo's ability to pass from the post) "It has to because they are all going to go after him. The better passer he becomes the more he'll get single coverage inside. We have a very good shooting team so the more he passes it out the more effective he'll be as the game wears on."

(On Twill's performance) "There is a Youngman who just does it all just really understands the game; three steals, seven assists, seven rebounds, and makes people better. He is a very talented basketball player, very deserving of that MVP."

(On focus between games) "I'm just really excited. I love defense I like sharing the ball on offense and I love back doors. I think where we were one week or two ago and where we are now. I just like what we're getting out of this. We were very concerned about South Alabama. We had a mix up on defense. They're a very good basketball team and we had to take a guard that -force him to stop and fatigue him. We did a good job in that area."

South Alabama Head Coach Ronnie Arrow
(Opening Statement) "The first I'd like to say is that, for you people that are from here, you may be looking at the national champions. Coach Pitino has assembled a group of guys that can go at least 10 or 11 deep and not miss a beat. I was reading his book last week and he said you've got to be positive, and with a team like that, it's easy to be positive. He's got a heck of a group and they come at you. You can prepare for it, but you can't prepare the heat you're going to get for 40 minutes. Those guys have bought into it and they're going to keep coming at you for 40 minutes. I thought our guys did a decent job, but they want you to crack and in most cases, that's what happens. Things will go good and all of sudden, they'll cause four turnovers and force the other team to take a bad shot - which is like a turnover - and boom, they're up 22 points. That's what happened to us."

(On the pressure of the Louisville defense) "They're going to come at you and they don't lose a beat with any of their guards or any of the post men they put in. The biggest thing for coach (Pitino) is trying to find some minutes for all of the guys he's got. I'll tell you what, I'm on the committee that votes for the ESPN/USA Today Top 25, and I've been voting them two or three since we started and they might be going up. I'd like to see them play North Carolina right now, but that's probably going to be real late in the season."

(On Louisville's Samardo Samuels) "He's a man. He's got my vote to go hardship."

(On Louisville's Terrence Williams) "Again, I'm watching the total game and he's one of 11 out there. He's an outstanding player, but I would have enjoyed watching them play another team, just not my team. They bring to the table what a coach likes - full intensity with depth. Terrence just keeps coming at you and coming at you."

"You people here are going to have fun. I probably would've voted the Pac-10, the last two years, as the top overall conference, but the BIG EAST this year is unbelievable."

(On what he takes from this game) "It's like I told our guys that they just completely took us out of some categories and it doesn't get any easier for us as we have Arkansas coming to us on Wednesday, so we've got to go back, mend the wounds and get ready for Arkansas. We did outrebound them, so rebounding was good, but we've got to take care of the ball. I'm not sure of too many teams that are going to put the overall pressure that they do, but we've got to do a better job of taking care of the ball."

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