Fiuangaihetau names leader

Peni Fiuangaihetau made an official visit to Louisville and came away extremely impressed with the Cardinals. The talented Phoenix (AZ) C.C. defensive tackle still has a few more visits to take before he makes a decision, but one team has emerged as the team to beat for his services.

"It was wonderful. It was real nice out there," Fiuangaihetau said of his visit to Louisville. "The people were all nice and down to earth in Louisville. I really liked their coaching staff, mostly their defensive coaching staff. They're going to do something special in the future with that coaching staff because they've got a good defensive coaching staff. I think I might just go there because I think they can improve me as a person and as an athlete."

So Louisville is your leader, Peni?

"Yeah, right now they are (my leader) because that's the only trip I've taken," said Peni Fiuangaihetau. "Ken Delgado is a real good coach and I really believe he can make me a much better player. I really like his work ethic and teaching techniques. He showed us a video of how much their d-line has improved since spring ball."

Who else is besides the Cardinals is Fiuangaihetau considering? "Right now just Cal, Oregon and Utah," Fiuangaihetau said.

Fiuangaihetau plans to visit California this weekend and then check out Oregon and Utah following his team's bowl game on Dec. 6. He'll make a decision after he's visited all four schools on his list. "I'm looking forward to making my decision," said Fiuangaihetau.

The key to landing Fiuangaihetau may be Phoenix College teammate Tivita Finau. Finau and Fiuangaihetau visited Louisville together last weekend.

"We've kind of decided wherever he wants to go I'll go with him," Fiuangaihetau said. "Things work better if we're at the same school. He was really impressed with (Louisville). The coaching staff really knows what they're doing and they can make us a better person and player."

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