Cousins re-opens; Cards reach out

You know this was bound to happen once the signing period passed and DeMarcus Cousins didn't budge. A staunch supporter of Mike Davis, Cousins' coach tells about inquiries and the latest appearance by a big time head coach at his school.

Despite repeated efforts to reach a consensus and come up with a solution, UAB, its administration and DeMarcus Cousins were unable to agree on the language of his letter of intent. The first signing period came and went without the big fella penning the paper needed to make him property of the Blazers.

Had UAB put a sticky note on his letter of intent and indicated they'd rip it up if Mike Davis – for whatever reason – wasn't the coach, Cousins would be signed. That didn't happen and predictably, it could be difficult for UAB to retain's No. 6 player.

"As it still stands, if Mike gets something else than maybe but he's opened it back up," Birmingham Leflore coach Otis Hughley told "There's no guarantee that Mike will get another one so he's trying to get himself in position to have options.

(Cousins') best world would be for Mike to get a high profile job and that would be something he'd like to do but if that doesn't occur we'll revisit it but I wouldn't rule anybody out, not even UAB because Mike Davis is there." learned, and Hughley confirmed, that Memphis head coach John Calipari was in town to see Cousins this week. Though Calipari was the first head coach to see Cousins post-signing period, he won't be the last.

"We've had people call and I've fielded calls," Hughley said. "Right now the biggest test is trying to enjoy his senior year. He's only getting one senior year. The school and all that, at the end of the day, that's going to take care of itself. A guy like him, people will find room for him."

Among those with roster space for a player of Cousins' considerable talent would be Memphis, Washington, North Carolina State and Alabama has even discussed the possibility of coming down to see him. Louisville recently reached out and made a phone call as well.

"It's starting to pick up steam and there's a lot going on right now," Hughley said.

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