Geffard twins package deal for Louisville

Many schools liked the Geffard twins, Oakland Park (FL) Northeast stars Jacob and Isaac, but didn't have room to take both players. But Louisville was willing to accept the pair as a package deal and that ultimately helped the Cardinals secure commitments from the talented duo.

"They'd been recruited pretty good by Bill Miller since the very beginning and he's a guy who has roots down here and a lot of people know him and respect him," said Northeast coach Adam Ratkevich. "So I felt good about the fact that he was recruiting them."

The Geffard twins made no secret of their desire to play together in college and Louisville was able to make that happen.

"It was a situation where they both wanted to go to school together," said Ratkevich. "For instance, Michigan State was here (Tuesday) and their recruiter said they liked both young men but he knew they weren't going to take two safeties. There were a lot of (schools) in that boat where need-wise or scholarship-wise they couldn't take both the kids. So that hurt them in the (recruiting) process."

"But Louisville wanted both young men and felt like they would fit. So that was a positive because they both wanted to get away for school and play together."

Ratkevich admitted it was hard to differentiate the two on the field. While Jacob played strong safety this season, Isaac led the way from his free safety position. While they both could play in the secondary at Louisville, a move to linebacker wouldn't come as a surprise for the 6-foot-3, 195-pound twins.

"It's pretty hard since they are identical twins," said Ratkevich. "For us, this year, Jacob played in the box more since he was a strong safety. He played more where you'd have a rover in a 4-4 defense - more like an outside linebacker. He led out team in tackles and tackles for loss because he was in the box more.

"Isaac made all of our secondary calls and controlled the defense from the free safety spot. Isaac was actually second-team all-county last year as an outside backer. He runs like the wind but he's a 6-foot-3 kid that will knock your teeth out and come up and hit you."

Ratkevich said both players are on track to qualify academically to play next season as freshmen. The Geffard twins are scheduled to make an official visit to Louisville this weekend.

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