2003 Prospect: Guy Ngarndi

6'8 Guy Ngarndi of Western High has been the subject of much talk in the Louisville area since arriving from Camaroon in March. Inside theVille recently saw Guy play for the first time against Southern High and came away impressed. Read the story to find out why!

Guy Ngarndi 6'8 225 PF

Western High, Louisville, KY

Guy Ngarndi's stats vs. Southern

FG: 8-9 TP: 16 Blocked Shots: 3 Steals: 3

FT: 0-1 Rebounds: 13 Assists: 0 Minutes: 26

Great looking prospect! Ngarndi, pronounced (Na-GHAN-day) is a fantastic athlete who runs the court exceptionally well. He is a bit raw offensively, but possesses a real nice touch in the lane around the basket. On the night, Guy connected on 8-9 field goal attempts including 2 rim rattling dunks! On one occasion, Ngarndi received the ball about 8 feet from the basket on the baseline and drained a nice turnaround jumpshot. He hit another turnaround jumper off the glass from 10 feet inside the lane. By and large though, Guy scored mostly off put backs and lobs to the post.

Besides his tremendous athleticism, I immediately noticed that Guy has tremendous hands. I noted on three separate occasions that he possessed incredibly soft hands and caught everything thrown his way. He caught the ball in traffic, on the break and always secured the ball off the board. He appears to be learning the fundamentals of the game quickly as he blocks out well and rarely is out of position on defense. He has fairly good form on his shot and has ideal arch and rotation, so he has potential to develop a nice jump shot out on the floor.

Most of the night Southern played a 2-3 zone with a defender fronting and behind Guy. Western's guards took advantage and knocked in perimeter jumpers and fed the weakside post all night. When Guy did get the ball in the post, Southern often collapsed around him and forced him to give the ball up.

Guy picked up two quick foul early in the second quarter and sat the last 6 minutes of the half. So the numbers are pretty good considering he only played 11 first half minutes and 26 on the night. One play really stoodout: The first, Southern ‘s guard had a break away layup with Guy trailing the play, then, out of nowhere, Ngarndi caughts up, rocketed off the floor and pinned the ball on the backboard! That play is a good summation of the kind of explosiveness and athletic ability Ngarndi possesses. I'm looking forward to watching him go head to head with the 6th Region's other talented big man, 6'10 PRP center, Terrence Farley. Should be quite a matchup.

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