2004 Prospect: Terrence Farley

Terrence Farley, Pleasure Ridge Park's 6'10 junior center has emerged as a force to be reckoned with. He had a big game against defending state champion LexCath to start the season and will be moving up the recruiting ranking with his improved play.

6'10 Terrence Farley emerges as big time junior prospect

If you didn't make it to Pleasure Ridge Park's jamboree last Saturday you missed the coming out party of 6'10 Pleasure Ridge Park center Terrance Farley. Farley, a junior, has finally become a player. And what a player he's becoming! He dominated the best team in the state, Lexington Catholic and single handedly brought PRP back in the last 6 minutes to tie the game at 87 at the end of regulation (no overtime was played).

Farley displayed a wide range of skills to go along with the tremendous athletic ability he has demonstrated the past two years. He dunked, rebounded, blocked shots, finished everything around the basket, hit turn around jumpers and a good percentage of his free throws and has nice soft hands and a soft shot from inside the lane.

What makes Farley intriguing is that he possesses a rare quality most high school big men don't these days. He's ACTIVE!!! He consistently beats guards down the court. He dives on the floor for loose balls. He blocks shots from the weak side, trailing the play from behind and on the man he guards in the post. He scores off offensive rebounds and on post moves down on the block.

His stat line against Lexington Catholic: 26 points, 14 rebounds, and 8 blocked shots (probably another 5-6 shots altered) and caused numerous double dribbles and walking violations in the lane.

This kid is the REAL DEAL! He has great timing and is quick off his feet blocking shots. Case in point, Saturday night he blocked a shot on the right side of the lane, a LexCath player recovered on the other side of the goal and Farley recovered and blocked that shot too.  He has impressive quickness off his feet.   He showed off a pair of great hands, catching every pass PRP's quick guards threw his way and often doing something positive with it. I was also impressed with his touch inside the lane and his aggressiveness hitting the boards, particularly on the offensive end.

Farley also played better late in the game and fought through obvious fatigue to hit key free throws and put back huge offensive rebounds to bring PRP back from a ten point deficit to a tie at the end of the game.

Two areas Farley needs improvement: adding weight to his 200 pound frame and staying out of foul trouble.  However, the sky's the limit for this talented and athletic junior big man.   He's going to move way up in the ITV rankings as the season goes on  and best of all he's just a junior. Before he's finished he will be a national caliber prospect, in fact he should be already!

In a nutshell,  Farley's a 6'10 athlete who plays aggressively, possesses great quickness and timing, has soft hands and a nice touch inside the paint.  Granted, LexCath's tallest player was 6'4 or 6'5 but then again I never saw former Top 50 recruit Brandon Bender perform like Farley did or display this kind of talent once in four years.  Without question he's the most improved player in the state and by far the best big man I've seen in the city of Louisville in quite a few years.

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