Louisville exceeds Glaud's expectations

Winslow Township (NJ) LB Ka'Lial Glaud wasn't sure what to expect on his visit to the Louisville campus. What he found more than exceeded his expectations. Now, the three-star backer has just a few more items to sort out before he makes a decision. Will the Cardinals be a factor in the end?

Ka'lial Glaud had his expectations exceeded on his first trip to Louisville.

"It was real cool. I had a lot of fun there. I liked the city and everything about it," said Glaud. "I liked the campus it was real nice and the city was too. And when you think of Kentucky you think of the country, but it was not anything like that."

His host for the weekend was linebacker Jon Dempsey and he had the opportunity to introduce Ka'Lial to both the Cardinal team and also the facilities.

"Everyone was real cool and they had that winning attitude that I am looking for. They are willing to work hard to make up for last season," said Glaud. "Everybody has nice facilities, but (Louisville's) facilities were really nice. I liked what they are doing with the stadium also. They showed me models of the finished stadium and everything. They are the only college stadium will all individuals seating so that is cool."

On Monday, Glaud will speak with his high school coaches and decide where he will take his fifth and final official visit between North Carolina and Tennessee. Later today, Ka'Lial will have a few visitors - from Louisville.

"The whole defensive coaching staff and coach Kragthorpe is coming to my house tomorrow to meet my family and everything so that should be good too," said Glaud.

Glaud still claims no leaders and he intends to make his decision at school in a ceremony on national signing day.

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