McLendon focused on other options?

Omar McLendon made an official visit to Louisville over the weekend. Though he found positives with the situation at Louisville, the 6'6, 220-pound defensive lineman from Villa Rica, Georgia appears to be looking in another direction.

"It was alright," Omar McClendon said of his visit to Louisville. "It was a nice school but I'm from the south and it was freezing up there and I really didn't like the setting of the campus. It seemed to be a nice school and the facilities were good but I didn't like the setting of the school in the city. I live in Georgia on a dirt road. And it's eight hours from where I live so it would be kind of hard if I wanted to come home."

McLendon said he's eliminated Louisville from consideration. Middle Tennessee looks to be the solid favorite, while Southern Miss and Ole Miss, who recently got involved in McLendon's recruitment, are both angling for a visit next weekend.

"It's kind of late for schools to get on board," McLendon said. "Right now I'm leaning towards Middle (Tennessee) like I always was."

McLendon said he has developed a great relationship with the coaches at Middle Tennessee and feels comfortable with the surroundings at the Murfreesboro, Tennessee school.

"I enjoyed going up there and the guy that recruits me comes down all the time," McLendon said. "He's a nice guy and all of the coaching staff are really nice. It was a good fit when I went up there."

McLendon is unsure if he'll take another visit or make a decision this week. If he makes a decision this week, an announcement should be forthcoming before Wednesday. "It's a possibility I could make another visit but I'm thinking about ending it and making a decision this week," McLendon said. "If I did take another visit it would probably be to Ole Miss."

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