Marvin Stone: UK is just another game

Following Marvin Stone's 21 point and 13 rebound effort against Furman University, the 6'10" transfer from Kentucky set his sights on facing his former team this Saturday.

Stone did not play into the media's hands, however, as called the match-up, "Just another game."

An unknown member of the media called Stone on his answer, saying she didn't believe this was just another game to him. "We're going to treat it like every other game. We're going to play hard and work hard in practice. It's going to be interesting to see how the game goes, but we're going to treat it like another game and give it all we got," Stone said.

When informed that one of UK's players, Marquis Estill, said Saturday that he would not be giving him a phone call this week. Stone laughed but continued to down-play the game.

"I am going to practice just to practice and when we get on the court we will see what happens," he said.

At the same time, Stone said Estill shouldn't expect his cell phone to be ringing either. "It's all about business," Stone said.

As far as Stone fitting in to the University of Louisville scheme of things Stone seems to be doing so nicely. His play against Manhattan and Furman earned him praise from head Coach Rick Pitino.

"It was a much different situation from this game to the last game. Not only do the other players look comfortable, but Marvin looks comfortable," Pitino said. "He's done a lot of things in limited minutes. He only played 25 minutes (against Furman) and had four assist, two blocks and 21 points and 13 rebounds in 25 minutes of play. That's very impressive. And he looks good out there. His timing is good and he has a great awareness."

Working through Christmas break

Pitino said the Cardinals will work through Christmas in preparation for their game against Kentucky and a tough January schedule.

"Christmas is never given off to college basketball teams unless you have a big break. Generally teams are in tournaments or playing close to Christmas. Most of our guys would rather play basketball and be in the gym. Sure they will miss their families, but to us basketball is Santa Claus," Pitino said. "The greatest gift any person believes they can get is playing basketball each day. They would not want time off and they would not want time off. All they would say is "Give me for Christmas a basketball and practice and gym time," he said.

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