Coach Petrino: Quotes from first press conference

Read Coach Petrino's thoughts on next years team, recruiting, his new staff, and the possible addition of Jeff Brohm to his staff.

Coach Bobby Petrino:

On being back at Lousiville

It's great to be back in Louisville.  Four years ago I remember sitting in Tom's office..and the opportunity came up to go to Jacksonville...deep down in my heart I did not want to go....It's worked out great that I'm able to come back here now.  Becky and the kids had a lot to do with this..they loved it here, they loved the people, they loved the fans..It's a great place, I'm looking forward to filling up that stadium, we're going to play an exciting brand of football, we're going to throw it around, we're going to be able to run it down the field and ...put some lights up on that scoreboard...and I'm looking forward to the upcoming season and....taking this program to the next level...We'll get started tonight and do a good job in the recruiting process and get ready and get going in spring ball.  It's very, very exciting to be back here as a Cardinal.


On his schedule at Auburn and UofL

I'm going to stay here and work for a couple days,  I need to get down there sometime Christmas evening, and we'll start practicing down there on the 26th, the good thing is we'll practice early in the morning during the bowl week and the afternoons will be designed for the family's to enjoy themselves so I know my kids and Becky will have fun and I'll go in the room and work on recruiting.  So I'll miss out on the theme parks but it's well worth it.

On the importance of his first head coaching job being at UofL

It's a great fit...there were a number of jobs that came open this year and a number of phone calls that came in and this is the only one that I wanted to respond to and the only one that I wanted.  I think with Tom here, and the fans and my familiarity with everything it's a great fit and really looking forward to getting started.

On why UofL and why now

Well I thought it should have come about ten years ago.  It's something I've been working for a long time..[at 10 or 12] I knew I was going to be a head football coach, I knew that was the profession for me.  When it's the right thing you know when it's time.

On Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville's attempt to keep him there

When I went in and talked to Tommy he basically said if you get an opportunity to get that head job you gotta take it, I can't talk you out of that, that's a great job.  You'll be successful there, it's not easy, head jobs don't come around everyday.  But, and he came back a few hours later, Tommy Tuberville's a great he made it hard for me to leave but it didn't take very long  when Tom came in.

On the ESPN broadcast of JLS last game in the GMAC Bowl

I was actually here in Louisville that night that it happened recruiting........

On recruiting at UofL

Now when we first got here [in 98] we talent wise had to work real hard to recruit, we were able to walk into this stadium and open it up.  The job that they've done here in expanding the facilities on campus...makes it much easier for us to recruit right now.  Anytime we can get a guy on campus I believe we have a chance to get him....I just think it's a great draw.  We've got to go out and compete for the best athletes out there.  There's a strong tradition here at quarterback going way back from Johnny U, to Chris Redman  to Dave Ragone and we're going to build on that.  We're going to go out and get the best quarterback in the country and compete for that.  We probably couldn't have done that five years ago but I feel strongly we can do that now.

On his brother Paul joining the UofL coaching staff

Well Paul's involved right now in a bowl game in hopefully after the game we'll have a chance to visit.

On the current staff at UofL

I haven't talked to anybody yet except for Greg Nord and work real hard to keep Coach Nord here and I would anticipate that we would keep one or two others.  Greg has done a great job in recruiting and has been a big part of the success here the last five years.

On the BCS

We have nothing to do as far as control of the BCS.  What we have to do is go out and win the conference, do a great job to win our non league games, it's going to be a competitive schedule so our aspirations are to get to the top 10 consistently and be rated in the top 10 and things always change in college athletics and college football so you never know how long the BCS will stay around.

About the chance of Jeff Brohm being a part of his new staff

I've already talked to Jeff.  I've talked to Jeff a couple of times and very interested in him coming aboard.

On next years team

I'm very excited about the prospects that are coming back.  I know we have speed at the receiver position, we've got some experience back on the offensive front, couple of young quarterbacks that will be fun to watch them compete in the spring...It's always been my philosophy, we call it FTS, "Feed The Studs"..we're going to get the ball to the guys that make plays.  You're job on offense is to out score 'em and on defense now I get to have more input on the defense and give thoughts on how offenses are trying to attack them and protections and I look forward to that.

On his role in the offense

I'll have a heavy hand in it, I'm not going to give that up.  That's something that I think I do real well and that's my strength, I love to call plays, I love the pressure when it's third and forth down and we need to convert and I love to watch video and study and put a plan together and then you go watch 18-22 year olds execute that plan.  That's the exciting thing about coaching.

On defense

Well we're going to attack to start out with.  I think now with all the spread offensive sets and the experience I had working with Don Capers we got to get after them with pressure.  Not only to get after the quarterback but to stop the run.

On if he has talked with the players yet

I have not had a chance to.

On what states he'll recruit

We'll start out going south.  I think we'll do a good job in the state of Alabama.  We'll do a good job in the state of Florida.  An advantage for us is when I'm able to walk into those high schools and homes I know a lot of the coaches already, so we'll have some good contacts in both of those states.  We're going to work Georgia very hard and work our way into Tennessee and stay north probably in Ohio.  But the first thing we're going to do is take care of business at home and keep the Kentucky plays here.<

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