Brohm out; Kragthorpe will call plays in '09

Steve Kragthorpe announced Monday that offensive coordinator Jeff Brohm is no longer with the Cardinal program and that he will call the offensive plays next season.

Jeff Brohm is now officially out as offensive coordinator at the University of Louisville. Steve Kragthorpe announced Monday that he will call the offensive plays next season for the Cardinals.

Kragthorpe said he gave Brohm the opportunity to remain at UofL in a ‘non-coaching' position. Instead, Brohm has accepted another coaching job that will be announced later Monday.

"Jeff Brohm has chosen to take another job," Kragthorpe said. "Jeff has the option of staying in a non-coaching role. Jeff and I sat down at the conclusion of the season and informed him that I would be running the offense and coaching the quarterbacks – and Matt (Wells) will help with that."

Kragthorpe said Brohm had interviewed at three schools since the end of the season before recently accepting a new position.

"He just landed this job so I'm happy for Jeff," said Kragthorpe. "Jeff would have had a chance to stay in an administrative role here at the University of Louisville. He's been a great quarterback here and has done a good job as far as the coaching part. I just wanted to go a different direction."

Kragthorpe last called all the offensive plays in 2000 while the offensive coordinator at Texas A&M. Kragthorpe said his decision was a "calculated" one and that he consulted with many advisors, including current NFL coaches.

"I'll be the guy who calls all the plays on game day," Kragthorpe said. "I felt that was the direction I needed to go for us to continue to improve and be the kind of football team we want to be."

Kragthorpe admitted that he was aware of possible negative public reaction to Brohm's removal from the coaching staff.

"I was very cognizant of the negative backlash," said Kragthorpe, whose son plays quarterback at Trinity, the same school where Brohm starred in the late 1980's. "It was a very calculated decision on my part and one I felt needed to take place."

Kragthorpe pointed to Louisville's dip in offensive production in 2008 under Brohm's direction for his removal. Louisville finished 2007 ranked No. 6 in total offense, before falling into the 40's last season.

"I just felt like our production wasn't what it needed to be and that I was the guy that needed to take responsibility for that," Kragthorpe said. "I'll call the plays on game day and will truly be the point guy and I will take all the blame."

Kragthorpe said he called about 20 percent of the offensive plays last year.

"The biggest thing about my offensive philosophy is fairly simple in some respects and very complex in others," Kragthorpe said. "No. 1 you want to put your best 11 player on the field. It may be two backs in the backfield, one back in the backfield or no backs in the backfield. It just depends on our personnel. We want to put our players in position to be successful when they take the field.

"The other thing I'm big on is having multiple personalities out of single personnel sets. You want the guys that you put on the field to be able to assume different roles to confuse the defense. We've got to do an excellent job putting the ball into the hands of guys that can make plays. We've got to find those guys."

Kragthorpe also announced the hiring of two new offensive coaches Matt Wells and Jeff Lewis. Wells will coach quarterbacks and serve as passing game coordinator. Lewis, who played five years in the NFL and won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos, will coach wide receivers. Greg Nord will coach running backs and Brent Myers will return as offensive line coach.

"I think we've got an excellent staff and group of guys," Kragthorpe said.

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