Delk picks up defensive intensity in practice

With senior forward Terrence Williams nursing a bruised right forearm, junior forward Reginald Delk got his first start for the University of Louisville on Sunday against DePaul.

Reginald Delk responded with a basket four seconds into the game on his way to a season-high 10 points in a season-high 17 minutes. He was perfect from the field, hitting all four of his field goal attempts, including two three-point tries.

The Mississippi State transfer hasn't has as big of impact as some might have expected this season, but that's mainly because he's stuck behind T-Will in the playing rotation. However when given the opportunity Delk has shown flashes of what he can do in his limited action. Prior to Sunday's game against DePaul his biggest contribution was the seven points in 16 minutes he scored off the bench in the Cardinals' win at South Florida in early January.

ITV caught up with the soft-spoken Delk after his best game of the season.

Q: In his post-game press conference coach Rick Pitino talked a lot about the last couple of days in practice, what have they been like?

A: "We came in wanting to work hard. We've been doing that the last few days, if we keep practicing like that then we'll keep winning games. I think it all starts in practice. How hard we go in practice shows how good we're going to play in games, and I think our practices have been real great so we came out here and got the job done."

Q: He also talked about the team's execution in practice, can you talk about that?

A: "In practice we've been talking about passing the ball and moving it around. And that's what we've been doing, practicing on passing, cutting and getting each other into the game."

Q: When did Coach tell you that you would get the start against DePaul?

A: "Yesterday at practice."

Q: What were you doing in practice to earn the start?

A: "Just working hard, just playing defense, everybody was intense. Everybody had a good practice."

Q: Did you guys come in wanting to put the loss to Notre Dame behind you?

A: "We came in, we knew what we had to do, we knew we had to work hard. It always goes back to practice, working hard in practice."

Q: What about scoring four seconds into the game, have you ever scored so fast in a game before?

A: "I don't think so. That was a play we had earlier in the year and I guess we forgot it, but I ran it anyway so I got the bucket."

Q: Did that basket give you some confidence right off the bat?

A: "I felt like it was going to be a good day, and then I hit my first jumper and I knew I was going to make my jumpers (too)."

Q: What do you think your role will be down the stretch?

A: "Just a person that comes off the bench, who brings defense, bring energy, rebounding and knock down open shots."

Q: What have you learned from being on the bench and watching T-Will?

A: "Just watching T-Will and how he plays defense, how hard he goes and I just knew when I got in the game I was going to play defense and go hard."

Q: You haven't played as much as some people might have thought you might play, did you ever think transferring wasn't worth it?

A: "I always think it's worth it. You've just got to stay patient. I never lost confidence in myself."

Q: Have your practice habits changed?

A: "It changed a little bit. I brought my intensity and my defensive presence. I've just brought my defensive intensity, I've just picked up my defense a lot and trying to go for steals and rebounds and offensive rebounds and just picked it up."

Q: What changes have you seen in the team since Thursday's loss to Notre Dame?

A: "Just passing. Passing and our defense. We really picked up our passing and cutting to the basket and getting everybody involved."

Q: How do you put a loss like that behind you?

A: "You've got to look at it as everybody's going to have bad games, so we put that in the past. We had our bad games early in the year, so we know how to overcome that."

Q: Did you watch your brother (Richard) play (for Troy) last night against Western Kentucky on TV?

A: "Yeah I did watch my brother. He did good. I liked it when he came down and dunked it."

Editor's Note Delk isn't expected to play Wednesday night against Providence after suffering a sprained ankle in practice this week.

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