Marra more than three-point specialist

Rick Pitino called Mike Marra "the best high school shooter" he's ever seen. Marra has backed up Pitino's statement with some impressive shooting numbers this season at Northfield Mount Hermon, while proving he's more than just a three-point marksman.

Mike Marra, a 6-foot-5, 200-pound shooting guard, had a huge game in a 99-91 loss to Proctor Academy over the weekend, hitting seven three-pointers on his way to a team-high 31 points.

"He's doing great," said Marra's high school coach John Carroll. "What Rick said about him being a premier three-point shooter is accurate. He's a phenomenal shooter. He was 7 for 19 this weekend and had 31 points."

Marra also had four assists, four steals and two boards against Proctor, showing he's more than just an outside shooting threat.

"He's a terrific passer in addition to being a great shooter," Carroll said. "He's leading our team in assists."

Marra is averaging 14.7 points, 3.2 rebounds and 3.6 assists this season. He's shooting 41 percent from the floor this season, including 35 percent from three-point range. Marra has made 68 three's this season – and has ten more three-point field goals than he does two-point baskets. He's scored 30 or more points twice and 20 or more four times this season.

Next season at Louisville, Marra will compete with returning veterans Jerry Smith, Preston Knowles, Reginald Delk, Jared Swopshire and Kyle Kuric for minutes on the perimeter.

"There aren't a whole lot of guys that are physically ready to play a Big East schedule their freshman years," Carroll said. "I think Mike has to add some strength. He's wildly athletic and very talented. He's got great instincts on the basketball court. He likes the weight-room a lot and he's there a lot but I still think he needs to get a little stronger."

Marra is getting strong college preparation at Northfield Mount Hermon, which plays in the prestigious New England Prep School Athletic Conference, considered the premier prep conference in the nation. Over the past ten years, NMH has sent more than 50 players to Division I college programs.

"At the peak of our season we were fifth in the country and 13-2," said Carroll. "We play in the best pre-college league in the country -- hands down. We've sent 18 kids to Division 1 in the last three years and that is very common in our league. Brewster has kids going to Kansas, Oklahoma and Baylor. We have five seniors that will be Division 1 players. South Kent is also in our league."

Carrol said Marra has been invited to play in four post-season All-Star games this spring, including the Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic and a new game in Los Angeles.

"He's trying to figure out which ones he's going to go to," Carroll said.

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