Spring practice begins; Kragthorpe reacts

With several new players and coaches on hand, Louisville got spring practice underway Sunday afternoon at the Trager Center. Afterward, Steve Kragthorpe gave his thoughts on the spring's first practice session.

Louisville head coach Steve Kragthorpe opening comments:

"I thought for the first day it was really good our tempo was great. The guys were out there communicating and that is what you like to see in these non-padded practices. Again I thought the guys were flying around and happy to be out here. So now we have to come back out here tomorrow and have another good day in non-pads before we pad this thing up on Wednesday. What you are looking for in these non-padded practices are execution, timing, and guys getting on the same page. With a lot of new faces out here that being players or coaches for the first day it was very good."

On what he hopes to get out of practice:

"It is good that now we have some things on tape that we can look at then come back tomorrow and install some more packages tomorrow. Hopefully the players can digest that then comeback and have another good practice on Wednesday. But it is hard to really run around and play full speed the way we need to practice when we can't knock each other around. But we will take care of that on Wednesday."

On the new players first day of practice:

"They look good as far as their conditioning and Joe Kenn and his staff have done a great job of getting them in football condition and ready to play. Now it is just a matter getting to the point where they can just come out here and react and play football and not think through it."

On the play of the quarterbacks:

"They looked good and their footwork looked really good. They will need to continue to work on the little things like where their eyes are supposed to be on the snap, and where their focus should be in terms of their reads. Making sure they are hitting their landmarks in their running game, and doing a good job in their play-actions. So I thought it was really good."

On WR Trent Guy:

Trent Guy looked really fast today. I thought it was good to see him out here looking fast, getting out here and making some catches, and getting back in rhythm. I also thought he came out here and played physically as well which is not always easy to do without pads.

On the return of S Richard Raglin:

"Richard is back and he is doing good. It is fortunate that he got the injury when he did because now he gets this year back, and gets that fifth year. I think he benefitted from being able to sit back almost like a student assistant coach. And continuing to learn every day and improve his football knowledge. He looked really good out there and did some nice things."

On the health of WR Scott Long:

"I think Scott is progressing great and getting some work done in terms of running around. He is getting some catches in on the JUGS machine. And we will continue to get him together and ready to go and throw him out there on August the 1st."

On the performance of WRs Josh Chichester and Troy Pascley:

"I thought they did a good job going out catching the ball with their hands. Young players have a tendency on fade routes to let that ball get into their body, but I think they did a good job of high pointing the ball and being aggressive. And we made some plays down the field which was good to see, and I also thought we threw the ball down the field well too.

On the offensive performance as a whole:

"I thought the quarterbacks did a nice job of being patient today. In the 7 on 7 drills the defense had a scheme predicated on taking away the deep ball and I thought our guys did a good job of checking the ball down to the backs. And that is a big part of our offense getting the ball into the hands of the guys that can make plays. And think Vic is definitely one of those guys, and I think that Darius did a good job running the ball as well. We want to make sure we involve all of those guys as eligible receivers on the field."

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