Siva ready to bring game to the 'Ville

Fresh off at outstanding performance in the McDonald's All American game, Peyton Siva is ready to put on a show for the home crowd in the Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic. Siva spoke with about his season, his future teammates, and what's next.

"The McDonald's game was fun. It was a great experience for me. I didn't really go out there expecting to play as well as I did and I have to thank God for that," Siva said. "I wasn't going out there trying to be the sole scorer or anything I just wanted to show everybody I could be a real point guard. I know in that setting everyone is trying to score so I was just trying to feed them the rock. And luckily the shots went in."

This weekend, the Seattle native is ready to show Louisville fans a preview of the next few years.

"This weekend I am looking forward to going out there in front of the home crowd and have fun out there. I don't really have any expectations for the weekend. I just want to go out there and play my game. Hopefully they will like it and we can put on a good show," said Siva.

Siva is coming off a stellar senior season, leading his high school to their second state title in four years.

"It was really a great thing for us to go out like that and it was really a blessing from God. We didn't have the biggest team in the world. Any of the guys here could have played center for us, even some of the guards, but it was really a fun experience," said Siva. "We played with a lot of heart and we weren't scared of nobody. We just went out there and played our game."

Peyton Siva looks forward to playing in front
of the home crowd.

Siva will be filling a very large role next season taking over for departed senior guard Andre McGee. He says that he is ready for the challenge and leaned on Louisville's two senior leaders for guidance.

"I haven't really talked to any of the returning backcourt players. I talked mostly to T-Will and Andre about the team. I talked to them about how Coach gets on them and how hard practices are and stuff like that," said Siva. "Andre told me coming in to not be selfish trying to score all the time, but to get your teammates involved and have that competitive edge."

So what are Peyton's expectations next season?

"I just want to bring more wins that's all. I want to fill whatever role Coach Pitino wants me to play and hopefully bring more wins to the program," said Siva. "I just want to bring energy to the team and another point guard to the team, and also a defensive presence as well."

One question that has followed Siva is whether or not he's a 'true' point guard. He squashed those questions with a nine assist outing in the McDonald's contest. Will he keep that mindset in the Derby Classic or show more of his scoring prowess?

"I am going to have the same mindset as the McDonalds game, but if my shot is there I am going to take it," Siva said. "This is an all-star game and everyone is out here to have fun so I will just come out and play my game."

Finally having the chance to be on the court with his future teammates is probably the biggest thrill for Siva.

"I talk to Rakeem a lot because we were roommates at the NBA Camp. And playing with these guys is going to be fun," Siva said. "I have played with Stephen before at the Adidas Nations. I want to go ahead and set these guys up now before the summer and pre-season starts. So it is going to be a fun experience."

Now only one question remains………What does Siva have in store for the dunk contest?

"It is going to be hard to come up with something better than at the McDonald's game but I will come up with something," Siva said.

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