Louisville vs. Ohio State: Coach Pitino comments

Post game comments from Louisville coach Rick Pitino following the #24 Louisville Cardinals 72-64 overtime victory over Ohio State.

Coach Pitino post game comments

On his teams performance:

There wasn't one thing going well for us tonight, not one thing.  That's the poorest we've played all season. That we allowed them to knock us around, bully us on the glass.  We didn't pass the ball like we've been passing it and all week that's all we've been doing.  We're in serious foul trouble, I mean absolutely nothing this evening was going right for us.  And I'll tell you the truth, without tremendous heart and character you lose that game 99 out of 100 times on the road.  So I take my hat out to their heart and character but I'm really disappointed  in the offensive execution tonight.

On lack of ball movement in the first half:

Reece gets taken out of the game too much mentally when he's played by two people and it's frustrating for Reece because he's such a terrific player.  He's got to understand the more you open it up for the other people the less those traps will happen and if you get all those other guys shots, you're going to have one on one and you're going to be able to open it up.

The thing that was frustrating is  that we had an awesome week in practice of passing the ball.  We didn't go one time into the post, split it and get an easy shot and work inside to out.

On his frustration with this team:

Becasue the little things take them out of the game.  They let bad shot take them out of the game so much mentally like their letting the team down if they don't make every shot.  I'll tell you one thing it doesn't bother Bryant Northern, he's not going home and worrying about if he misses a shot.

On how he knew Dartez would have a big game:

Kendall was having a great week of practice and he has the quickness to guard the interior people and quite frankly Luke was not getting it done on the back board, although he picked it up in the second half. 

On defense and free throws:

That's what I told them before the game, forgetting everything else defense wins.  I said you go out there and have a terrible night on offense but defense is going to win and that was our staple tonight.  We played very good defense.  We didn't rebound well.  Defense was there, rebounding is still frustrating to me.  You know they don't have the talent that we have but they move people and space people and I want to see Marvin and Ellis do that.  Everybody had and off night tonight except Bryant and Kendall so to come away with a win tonight you know you're defense was something good.

On what the win means:

This is a big time road win for us.  It's a character win not an execution win and we'll go home and take it and the best part about it is we'll be more ready for our next road game, which will be very tough playing Charlotte because of this poor performance.


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