Q&A with Louisville quarterback Adam Froman

Who will replace Hunter Cantwell at quarterback for the University of Louisville football team next season? That is the big question facing coach Steve Kragthorpe and the Cardinals this off-season.

Many believe that Adam Froman, the big quarterback (he's 6-foot-4, 220 pounds) with the big arm, will eventually be the starter. But the junior college All-American from Santa Rosa (Calif.) JC was just one of five QBs to take snaps Friday night in UofL's Red-White Spring Game.

Froman, junior Justin Burke and redshirt freshman Zack Stoudt each engineered four series for the Red team. Froman guided the Cardinals' offense to one touchdown in his time on the field while completing 3 of 6 passes for 58 yards. And although he was sacked twice, the most of any of the UofL QBs, he also had a sure TD pass dropped by sophomore wide receiver Josh Chichester in the fourth quarter of the spring game.

Afterward ITV caught up with Froman, here's what he had to say.

Q: How was it out there?

A: "It was good, it was fun. It was competitive, we came out there and everybody's out there hitting hard and playing fast. The defense got the better of us, but it was good...a lot of positives."

Q: What were the bright spots for the offense?

A: "For the offense we obviously got some touchdowns in there. We had a couple of three-and-outs and short series, which we've got to work on and get better (at), but it was good. We moved the ball well, both running and through the air, so it was a good balanced attack.

Adam Froman is locked in a battle for the
starting quarterback job.

"We had some real bright spots, and some down spots. Not getting in the end zone there at the end, that hurts, but we got there a few times through the air and on the ground so the balanced attack was good. We've got a few things we've got to clean up, but it was good as a whole."

Q: What about for you personally?

A: "It started out a little tight, I was a little tight that first series, but I loosened up. It felt good to run around a little bit and see the defense rotate and everything, just seeing the receivers get open, just seeing the speed of the game on a game-night that was a big positive."

Q: A lot of nerves at first?

A: "A little bit at first, I was just playing a little bit tight."

Q: When do you think you'll find out who the starting quarterback will be?

A: "Probably about a week before the first game we'll find out who the starter will be. We're all competing every single day, we're out there doing our best and the best man is going to play."

Q: Do you have any idea of who's ahead of who right now?

A: "Nope. We go out there every single day and there's nobody who takes first snaps every day, there's nobody who takes second snaps every day, they keep us rotating through. We know about as much as you guys do, we're just out there battling every day."

Q: So tonight's order wasn't an indication of anything?

A: "Burke had the first snaps, he did a good job, but basically everybody who went in there did a real good job."

Q: Are you aware of the quarterback tradition here?

A: "Obviously you think Johnny U(nitas) automatically, but everybody, (Chris) Redman, (Dave) Ragone, (Stefan) LeFors, (Brian) Brohm...there's a lot of names to live up to here. So you've just got to come in and you've got to put that pressure aside and just play football."

Q: Will everyone stay here this summer?

A: "I'm not sure, but I know I'm staying here all summer, I'm not going home I'm taking classes and when I'm not in classes I'll be here....the competition goes on, it never stops. That's how this team is, we eat, sleep, breathe competition, so it's going to be a good offseason with good summer workouts."

Q: What was the highlight for you?

A: "Shoot, I don't know, just getting to play, just being out here today."

Q: Are you feeling pretty comfortable now?

A: "I'm getting there. Every day gets better. I've been learning the offense in a (the last) month and a half, so my head is still spinning a little bit but every practice, every rep I get out there, it gets better, it gets easier. So I'm looking forward to just getting out there more and more and every single rep I get is an improvement."

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