Tyler leaving high school for Europe

Last year, Brandon Jennings made history by by-passing college to play professionally in Europe. Now, Louisville commit Jeremy Tyler plans to break new ground by skipping his senior year of high school to head across the ocean and play for pay.

We don't need no education……

Jeremy Tyler, Louisville's star 2010 recruit, apparently has taken Pink Floyd's words to heart.

Not only will Scout.com's No. 7 ranked prospect bypass college, he's decided to skip his senior year of high school to cross the Atlantic and play professional basketball in Europe, most likely Spain, according to the New York Times. The move was orchestrated by Sonny Vaccaro, who rose to fame in the 1980's after signing Michael Jordan to a contract with Nike. Vacarro told the New York Times he believes Tyler will be a "ten-year all-star."

"It's significant because it shows the curiosity for the American player just refusing to accept what he's told he has to do," Vaccaro told the New York Times. "We're getting closer to the European reality of a professional at a young age. Basically, Jeremy Tyler is saying, ‘Why do I have to go to high school?' "

Tyler will become the first American high school player to do so. Oh, sure, Brandon Jennings opted to try Europe this season instead of attending Arizona. But there's a big difference between Jennings and Tyler – Jennings at least completed high school.

Apparently, Tyler simply became bored with high school competition. As a junior, Tyler averaged nearly 29 points per game, but played on a team that struggled after several players and his coach were ruled ineligible. Tyler faced constant double and triple teaming and figured he give Europe a try for a cure for the high school blues.

"It was boring and I wasn't getting better," Tyler told the New York Times. "Each game was the same thing. I was getting triple-teamed and getting hacked. After each game I'd have scratches and bruises up and down my arms from getting triple-teamed. It just wasn't for me."

The plan for Tyler is simple. Drop out of high school, play in Europe for a couple years then enter the 2011 NBA Draft, where he's expected to be a lottery selection, perhaps No. 1 overall. Tyler plans to move to Europe with his older brother, James.

"You know what? It's just a job," James Tyler said. "He gets a chance to work the job of his dreams and have fun doing it. There's kids leaving to go to Iraq at age 18. They took a job to serve their country. He's going to play ball."

Tyler's loss is a big hit to Louisville's 2010 recruiting, which also includes Justin Martin and Josh Langford, a pair of Top 100 prospects. The Cardinals are recruiting Seattle big man Josh Smith, who, like Tyler is a Top 10 prospect.

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