Fab Melo mulling options

Fab Melo has visited his top four schools. Now, the talented 7-footer has to decide if he's ready to make a decision or continue to research new options. Are Louisville and UConn still on top or did recent trips to Syracuse and Florida shake up Melo's list? InsideTheVille.com has the scoop.

Fab Melo had a solid showing at the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions in North Carolina last weekend. A Scout.com Top 25 prospect, Melo got off to a slow start in Chapel Hill but finished the event strong.

"I think he played well," Melo's coach, Adam Ross said. "The first game Friday night he was just OK but they had a rough travel day. Saturday morning he played well despite getting two early fouls. The third game he played very well and had a double-double and blocked a lot of shots. Overall, I think it was a great event for him."

On the recruiting front, four programs have risen to the top of Melo's list: Louisville, UConn, Syracuse and Florida. Melo has visited each of those programs and is currently trying to figure out his next move.

"He's still thinking about things," said Ross. "He hasn't indicated he's leaning one way or another. He's just trying to get his head around everything and hopefully we can narrow it down in the near future."

Melo visited Louisville and UConn during the season, giving those two Big East programs the upper hand in his recruitment. Recently, he made visits to Syracuse and Florida.

"We wouldn't have visited those schools unless he had moderate interest," Ross said. "He definitely has moderate interest in both of those places. He needed to go see a couple of other schools just to have some kind of frame of reference when it comes to Louisville and UConn – two schools he visited during the season.

"So we got to see two great campuses and meet with two great coaching staffs. I think that it was beneficial in a lot of ways. More than anything else it allows Fab to say ‘I've visited four schools as opposed to just two and I feel more comfortable knowing that I've seen some different places.' They were both great visits."

Despite those recent visits, Louisville and UConn apparently remain the schools in best position to land a commitment from the native Brazilian.

"They're both (Syracuse and Florida) in the running but so is Louisville," Ross said. "I think Louisville and UConn probably still lead. I believe that Florida and Syracuse are options but Louisville and UConn made a huge impression on him during the season."

So what is the next step in the process for Melo?

"I think the next step is making a decision on whether or not we can narrow the list down from four and make a commitment or if we're going to let this thing get into the summer and take another visit or two to see some different places," Ross said. "If he makes the decision to stick with the four schools he's visited then we'll either eliminate a school or two and make a decision or just make a decision. But I don't know what's going to happen."

One new school that has recently jumped into the fray - Kentucky. New coach John Calipari traveled to Florida in April to watch Melo workout and, according to Ross, continues to call to express interest.

"I think there's a fairly decent shot he makes a decision before July but it wouldn't surprise me at all if he doesn't," Ross said. "If he doesn't make a decision there's someone else he wants to visit."

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