Louisville vs. St. Louis: Post game quotes

Quotes from Coach Pitino, Reece Gaines, and Luke Whitehead following #19 Louisville's win over C-USA foe Saint Louis.

Game Quotes

Rick Pitino:

"The reason we've lost to these guys twice is because we haven't executed our offense."

"In the second half our defense was a factor because we took good shots."

"They are much more difficult than last year. Last year we had trouble guarding (Marquee) Perry off the dribble, but we knew what they were going to run. Now the run block or motion and it is very difficult to defend."

"We executed in the second half offensivley and we had a great player take over the game, and that was the difference in the game."

On the defensive effort against Perry: "What we wanted to do was put everybody on him. Just try every single person we could. We started Prileu (Davis) on him. He's had a terrific week of practice and we wanted him (Perry to wear out and I didn't want Reece to get in early foul trouble and we wanted to rty everybody on him (Perry) and hopefully, in the final ten minutes his legs would be gone."

Reece Gaines:

"I'm definitely worried about the beginnings of the games, We've got to execute better and not take bad shots."

"I've got to make sure I get the guys ready and make sure they take every game as a championship game."

"In the second half we had a different mentality and the shots we missed in the first half, we made in the second half."

"It just feels real good to help the team win. I know I can score, but I don't care anymore about that, all I want to do is win. I've had bad games, like the Ohio State game and we won, so I don't care about scoring, I just want to help the team win."

Luke Whitehead:

"Coach keeps us humble. At every practice he tells us that we're not where we need to be yet.

"We just never give up, no matter what the score is. We're not playing our best basketball right now, we're doing a lot of things wrong, but luckily we're still winning."


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