Teague still sorting through process

Marquis Teague's brother, Jeff, was recently selected in the first round of the NBA Draft by the Atlanta Hawks. Now, the five-star 2011 point guard from Indianapolis is looking for a college that can help him join his brother in the league in a few years.

Marquis Teague's search for a college continues. Teague talked about making a college decision last spring. He's also discussed the possibility of choosing a school this summer. Now, Teague tells InsideTheVille.com that his search could extend into the fall.

"My dad wants to make it before the high school season starts but I don't know," Teague said. "I might make a decision this summer but I've got to sit down with them (parents) and talk about it."

Teague hasn't visited any schools this summer and has no trips planned. He'll attend the LeBron James Camp next week then head to the Nike Peach Jam. Schools like Louisville and Indiana will track him relentlessly in July.

"I like Louisville and their program. They play my style and they're one of my favorite schools," Teague said. "I like them. I talk to Coach Pitino a lot."

Marquis Teague recently spoke
with Rick Pitino.

Teague, whose father played for the Louisville coach at Boston University, talked with Pitino on the phone last week. "It was a good conversation," Teague said. "He talked to me about my brother and the NBA and how I feel about all that. And he talked with me about coming to Louisville but he wasn't pressuring me into nothing."

Indiana coach Tom Crean is also pursuing Teague hard. The Hoosiers appear a strong contender and it's a certainty that Crean will turn up everywhere Teague does in July.

"I like (Indiana), too," said Teague. "I'd love to play for my home state and my family would get to see me a lot. Tom Crean is a good coach and he coached Dewayne Wade. I like them and he's changing their program to an up-tempo style of team."

Besides Louisville and IU, Purdue, Ohio State, Cincinnati and Wake Forest round out Teague's list. One new school is trying to leap into contention and Kentucky wants to get him on campus before making an offer.

"Maryland has been calling me lately. They haven't offered but they might be on the radar shortly," Teauge said. "I've been talking with (Kentucky) but I don't have an offer from them. They told me to come visit down there."

With his brother now in the NBA, Teague wants to find a college – and a coach – who can help him get to the league. Only one program on Teague's current list of favorites can boast having a former NBA coach – Louisville. Might Rick Pitino's NBA resume tip the scales for the Cardinals when decision time approaches?

"It helps because that's where I want to be in the NBA," said Teague. "So I need to learn as much as I can to get there. I just want to go where it fits me best but that helps. The major factor is going to be the style of play and what players are going to be around me."

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