Four-Star QB Bolden ready to make his pick

St. Mary (MI) Prep standout Robert Bolden is ready to make his college decision. While Louisville, Oregon, and Penn State eagerly await his announcement Friday morning, Bolden took time out to speak with about his upcoming decision.

With his decision press conference set for 9:30 AM Friday morning, four-star quarterback Robert Bolden is ready to announce a decision. He has weighed his options and says the he really likes what each of his three finalists - Louisville, Oregon, and Penn State - have to offer.

"I was looking for a lot of things when it came to the schools I am choosing from. First off academically each of my finalists offers me everything I am looking for as far as that aspect. Secondly is when it came to football each school is affording me the opportunity to come in and compete with whoever they have there for a chance to start or at least get in and play," said Bolden.

The only visit that Bolden has taken was to Penn State and depending on which school he chooses a visit would be upcoming at that point. But he says that his visit to Happy Valley helped him see what the Nittany Lions were all about.

"I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of the coaches and they also had the opportunity to get a feel for me. I got the chance to see the whole school and talk to the players to have them tell me why they made the decision to go there. There was a lot of stuff I liked about the visit," said Bolden.

The 6-4 205-pound signal caller says that even though he has not seen his other two finalists in person that doesn't mean they aren't on equal footing.

"I feel that even though I didn't visit the other schools that I have talked to the coaches enough and gotten to know them enough that I could make a decision without taking a visit," said Bolden.

Bolden spoke about Louisville specifically saying that he really feels there is great opportunity early and that is what he loves about the Cardinals program.

"The academics and the situation to compete right away really is what helped me put them right up there," Bolden said. "And it is basically the same thing with Oregon."

So with the decision only hours away does Bolden know which way he is leaning? "They are all the same right now," said Bolden.

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