QB Woodley looking to commit during visit?

Luke Woodley, a prolific quarterback from Highland Park (TX), holds two offers, including one from Louisville. The 6-3, 195-pound Woodley will visit Louisville this week and might make a college decision while he's in town.

Luke Woodley will make an unofficial visit to Louisville this week. The Texas signal-caller also might verbally commit to the Cardinals while in town.

"I'm coming up (Tuesday). I get there around four and then we're going to drive by and say hello to the coaches," Woodley said. "We'll spend most of the day Wednesday with them and tour the campus a little bit. We're going to talk to some people from the Business School and try to come to terms with the coaches. It should be good."

Woodley threw for 3,756 yards and 41 touchdowns as a junior. He led his high school team to an 11-2 record while completing .648 percent of his passes. An accurate passer, Woodley threw just six interceptions in 409 attempts.

Those numbers caught Louisville's attention. Last month, the Cardinals had Woodley in camp and the Highland Park standout made a strong impression. Shortly after his camp performance, Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe offered Woodley a scholarship.

"I'd been talking to Coach Kragthorpe for a while before that," Woodley said. "Then I came to camp and did pretty well. I called him a few days after camp and he told me they were going to offer. So that's what exciting because I love their whole staff."

So how did Louisville get involved with one of the state of Texas' best quarterbacks? To make a long story short, a friend of Woodley's grandfather who lives in Louisville told Kragthorpe about the talented gunslinger. Woodley believes he'd be a great fit in Louisville's offense.

"I think I'm more of a pro-style guy. I like to drop-back and sling it like most quarterbacks do," said Woodley. "I think I can fit there (Louisville) pretty well. They run that pro-style offense and Coach Kragthorpe knows offense. We're a spread-offensive team at Highland Park and it would just be an easy transition."

Since receiving his offer from Louisville, Woodley has maintained contact with Kragthorpe.

"I've been talking to Coach Kragthorpe at least once a week," Woodley said. "I talked to him probably last Thursday. He wants me to come up there and check it out. He's not pushing at all. I think he's got confidence in what Louisville has to offer and just wants to let the university speak for itself."

Is there a chance Woodley might commit to Louisville during his unofficial visit this week?

"Oh, yeah. Sure," said Woodley. "I'd say there is a 70 percent chance I could commit and a 30 percent chance I won't because my dad just left for Kenya on a mission trip. He's for me doing whatever I want but at the same time I kind of want him to be around."

Woodley also holds an offer from San Diego State and participated in the Aztecs one-day camp this summer. "I liked Louisville so much more and I don't think I'm going back out there," Woodley said.

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