Louisville vs. TCU: Game quotes

Quotes from Coach Pitino, Coach Dougherty, Bryant Northern and Luke Whitehead following #15 Louisville's 87-74 victory over TCU.

Game quotes from TCU game
Rick Pitino:
"It's a good win for us and we're happy to get through this game 
because of the preparation time we had. Our guys did a good job against a team 
that was well rested."
"We would have had a much better day offensively if we didn't turn the 
ball over so much. We came off our best game and we didn't play that great 
today and that's because of the short turnaround we had."
On Prileu Davis: "We were a tired basketball team and it was important 
that he got some playing time. He just needs to keep his head up because 
he's been down."
TCU Coach Neil Dougherty:
"I think one of the things I was excited about coming into Conference 
USA was coach Pitino and playing in Freedom Hall. Our players were also very 
excited to come here, but I was proud of our effort. We are still growing and 
we still need to get a few more things ironed out."
"When you are preparing to play a coach Pitino team, you have to 
prepare for waves of pressure and they try to break you down before you get to half 
court. His team defensively is what every team is trying to do. It's 
almost a model plan; it's very good."
Bryant Northern:
"We always talk a lot about handling success, about always wanting 
On Playing a late game Thursday and a noon game on Saturday: "That's 
just part of college basketball and you have to be ready for that."
Luke Whitehead:
"Right now these wins don't mean anything because it is still early in 
the season. It's good that we're getting some wins but we're not playing 
anywhere near where we should be right now, or where we want to be in March."

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